Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Even with 94.25%, she sought help of fake caste certificate



Even with 94.25%, she sought help of fake caste certificate
Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, June 26, 2011

High cut-offs and the race to get into a 'branded' college made a
cheat out of a girl who scored 94.25% in her Class 12 board
examinations. Despite getting such a high score, the girl presented a
fake OBC certificate at Shri Ram College for Commerce. Her choice of
subject was B.Com (honours) for which she would not get admission
under the general category as the cut-off was 96%.

Eliciting a strong reaction from colleges and university authorities,
the incident has stirred up a debate.

"This clearly shows lack of parental guidance. Parents want their
children to be honest to them but forget this very rule when it
applies to themselves," said Deepak Pental, former vice chancellor of
Delhi University.

"The rot is deep seated. Students want to flock to these colleges as
big corporates hire students from a select few colleges only,
perpetuating the myth of 'top colleges'. I don't believe that SRCC
teaches commerce better than other colleges but the companies think
so," Pental added.

On Saturday Delhi Police came across 11 other cases of admission using
forged scheduled caste certificates. But some students HT spoke to
feel the pressure to get admission in the so-called good colleges gets
to them.

"What are we supposed to do? Despite getting high scores, admission in
better colleges of the university is not assured. It a sad affair,"
said a student, wishing to remain anonymous.

It is this pressure that promoted such scams, feels VK Srivastava,
principal of Hindu College.

"Sky high cut-offs, coupled with the perceived reputation of colleges,
is forcing people to adopt such means," he said.

Students belonging to SC/ST category are not admitted by the colleges directly.

They have to register themselves with the SC/ST cell, which in turn
allots colleges on the basis of merit. OBC candidates are, however,
admitted by the colleges directly.

"After students furnish the SC/ST certificates, we create a data-base
and do a random sampling. If something fishy appears we send the
certificate for verification to the resident commissioner of the state
from which the certificate originates," said Gulshan Sawhney, deputy
dean, Students' Welfare, DU.

If the certificate is found to be forged, the student's admission is
cancelled with immediate effect.

"The most reliable way to find out if a student is lying is through
tip-offs. Students who were not able to make it to the list will
complain about students who got through using illegal means. We take
their complaints seriously and send the certificates for examination,"
Sawhney added.

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