Saturday, July 16, 2011

[ZESTCaste] 2010 Ambekdar Scholarships update


Dear donors and friends,

Arrangements for 2010 Ambedkar Scholarships function are going on. As said earlier it will be conducted on Aug 13, 2011 in Tenali, Guntur district.

When I visited India last year, I met several individuals helping the needy in their own ways.

This year, we plan to include the following apart from our regular scholarships.

  1. I visited an orphanage in Chilakaluripet in Guntur district. It was run by a woman with the help of her husband working as a teacher in US. They go to railway stations in search of children roaming around, give them a place to stay, food, cloths, and education. She told me the donations from merchants in the area in cash and kind. I met the kids and impressed by the work this woman has been doing. We plan to donate Rs.10,000. I am in the process of getting information on their needs.

  2. I visited a Social Welfare School for girls in Vinukonda,Guntur district where a cousin of mine working. They were all from very poor SC/ST communities, brilliant in every respect. I interacted with them and amazed for their knowledge, intelligence, and determination to excell. In the question and answer session, they asked brainy questions that some I felt difficult to answer. They are well informed about the world (especially US) and know many things I thought they don't know as ordinary rural Indians. I felt ashamed of myself for my narrow thinking. I am in the process of getting info on the needs of this school where FFIE may chip in a small amount.

  1. I met another friend of mine who is working as a librarian in a Government college. According to him, the students there are from economically poor and do not have money to buy books. He said they some times come without food. He collects money and helps them whenever he can. Unfortunately, I could not visit the college (to see first hand) as it was closed when I went there and couldn't find time to go again. I am getting info to see if we can help in any small way.

  2. I met several other brillient girls studying professionl cources (Engineering, Nursing) at their homes (to assess their economic conditions) while working in the field during vacations. As a person lived all of my teenage years in villages surrounded by such poor people, I had first hand experience of seing my friends working in the field while away from school. I was fortunate to be son of a teacher and privileged not to do. These girls are intellectually supirior in every respect and with full of confidence in them. I don't know how many can we help, but I am trying to get latest info on them.

Apart from these, the following activities were unfinished.

  1. Aid to Dr Dadaji Khobragade, a Dalit scientist who develped one of the best strain of rice and still living in poverty. I am in touch with the people trying to help him.

  2. I happened to see through emails, that a student from Maharashtra is sturglging to pay fee for Engineering he secured despite his poor economic background. Some of our friends are trying to help him and FFEI may also chip in.

I failed to visit several other organizations which I regret now. Imissed an opportnity to get first hand experience how these good-samaritans are helping within their small resources.

So, please tune in for more info as it is available to me.

Please write to me for any questions.

With regards

Ben Kaila

An educated man without character and humility was more dangerous than a beast. If his education was detrimental to the welfare of poor, he was a curse to society.
-Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar

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