Sunday, May 8, 2011



Dear Ranjani,

Who are u actually?

What is the relatinship between NAPM and Thervoy?

We are actually seeing lot of messages from ZEST. Out of all, which one is important for you?

You please tell all the facts. Don't give wrong messages which ruin the name of the good organizations like NAPM.

Who are u telling that the Engineer has died as told in your message? Will u able to prove it? If not, will u go out of your profession?

We understand that the villagers asked SIPCOT and the companies to come, 200 Crores, and then come down to 100 crores, and then 10 Crores and then 1 crore?

If they get money, everything will be solved?

Why do you involve in giving wrong messages in the blog and instigating the people?

What is your intention? You want CSR?

The villagers broken the lock and trespassed Michelin site and the womens were carrying the weapons in front of the police officials?

They intercept truck and jailed the driver and broken the police vehicles and the spreaded chilli powders to the police officials. All the leading newspapers have published this.

Please understand the situation and please don't ruin the name of the famous service organizations like NAPM by giving wrong messages in the blogs.

As a responsible lady, please involve in getting the amicable situation between the village and SIPCOT.

If you need any help in getting the actual facts, you please keep in touch with me.

Murugan <> <>

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