Sunday, April 10, 2011

[ZESTCaste] tn elections and flying crane


Dear friends:

There is a famous panchatantra story of a thirsty fox and crane and both being offered a saucer of water.  Only the fox could drink it and the crane could not. The crane needed a beaker.

The Manifesto of Tamil Nadu Women's Forum revealed that dalit, adviasi, working class, Muslim women, Mathammas  (mainly dalits) etc wanted right to land (on women's name), sustainable agriculture and healthy food, right to ponds, trees, quarries and coasts etc, full employment, closing of arrack shops, 50% reservation for women in all institutions (in particular from marginalized groups), effective implement of SC/ST component plan,  stoppage of conversion of resources for other purposes, 50% education budget to primary education, ending of violence against women, girls to have a right to be born and accountable medical lobby  etc.

But what were the two dominant parties offering- grinders, mixies, fridge, laptops (after high school/college), increased marriage assistance, gold for marriage, increased maternity assistance etc.  The intellectual left  which met some of the demands of the crane- sided with one of the two dominant parties for short term gains, while the party representing oppressed groups and contesting elections alone did not touch on land reforms while meeting some of the demands of the crane.

The crane representing oppressed voices was contemplating flying to Cuba - but it was another culture and far away.   Where should it fly? How should it quench its thirst? Any advise?

Ranjani, faitma, tnwf, tndalit women's movement

PS: in national oungorgnaised  workers federation, napm, and manual workers forum meeting held today a wise owl advised the crane that the time was right to demand separate (double) electorate as what ambedkar had suggested.  

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