Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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King Bali or Bali raja was egalitarian king. Probably he was the king belonging to Indus civilization. He is being mentioned in Vedas, Puranas nad ramayana, mahabharata etc. that shows how powerful and against Aryans he was. He was killed by wamana - a dwarf Aryan because his rule was without caste varna system. Mahatma Fuley says from the toime Bali was killed Varna sytem came into existence. He eulogises Bali for his egalitarian rule. He was considered enemy by Aryans so he waskilled by cunning ways.
During Diwali period on all media TV Radio nad newspaprs bali is condemned as a demon or Rakshasa and waman is praised for killing bali. baloi pratipada 2nd day of Diwali is Bali day and all backwards should remember Bali and condemn Waman. Some organiasations in Vidarbha and maharashtra burn effigies of Waman and praise Bali for his egalitarian rule. They say Let bali raj dawn and wamana's raj end. We are in wamans raj i.e. raj of inequality. We should remember Bali and celebrate his day as day for egalitarian rule-Samata Raj. That is do away with the Brahminic system and strive for the castelss system.The era of of culture where nobody will be untouchable and nobody will be sacred. no body will be low and nobody high, pure or impure. 

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