Monday, March 14, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Anti gandhi, anti hindu varnashrama dharma Rally, a Rally against dandi march in USA!


Anti gandhi, anti hindu varnashrama dharma Rally, a Rally against dandi march in USA!

by Uplift Saint on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 3:09pm

India's Caste system is the the most dangerous pathology on this universe ever known to human beings, there is no parallel in this world that is as dangerously destroying people, society and nation as a whole. The man or woman discriminate another fellow human as untouchables, or lower caste or by any other means is much worst than a terrorists. India's Dalit must realize that those hindu mind set is hard to change so that is why Dr.Ambedkar and Buddha taught the great lessons to educate yourself and keep away from such casteist nasty people. As long as the hindu varnashrama dharma is in full force, not an iota of change will take place in India. And, the barbaric gandhi who publicly announced that caste system should be preserved and it has scientific meaning is the most dangerous man among hindus, who has been fradulently and clandestinly kept on the top of hindu system, as gandhi adored and worshiped the varnashrama to the fullest, such evil man regarded as saint, we must fight to eliminate not only the myths but teach lesson to hindus and those half baked, ill knowledgeable people who regard gandhi as something let alone saint.


But, the dalits of India been failed miserably to fight against discrimination and the victims are continued to be victims, the caste atrocity continues beyond any human imagination in India.


As long as gandhi name is out there, hindu system will be there and the hindu casteists will breast beat about this pathology as their pride. But, the moment we tell the world and reveal who gandhi was and his drama's in real life, the hindu system will begin to crumble, along with that the caste system will be shattered into pieces, but the dalits must come out of their slumber.


For the very first time since independence or pre independence, a huge and powerful movement is in the works in USA. First time in Indian history, a Challenge on fake saint gandhi and his life has been put forth by our good Ambedkarites, minority group members, Sikhs and other good Indians who abhor India's caste system and gandhi.


This Saturday, there was a dandi march rally by some hindus in India, the rally was against "Corruption" in India, and we were out there even before the dandi march people began their rally, and we had succeeded in not only posing such a huge challenge to their ideas, ideology and fake nationalism, we have defeated them in every arguments and in exhibiting a much better and stronger "Anti gandhi, anti caste and anti dandi march rally", the hindus pretty much ran for cover and wound up as quickly as they came, the question that I asked all those hindu marchers, how can a corrupted minds can fight against corruption in India.


India's corruption begins inside the Vedanta bullshit they talk and the Veda, gita and religious scriptures that they created in the name of god to divide and discriminate people with barbaric system called caste system.


I wish other dalits in other parts of the world do catch up with our Powerful demonstration in US against those evil forces of varnashrama! Enjoys the pictures...!, I was hardly on those pic, as I was busy talking and debating issues, plus discussing with our members of anti gandhi rally. But, every poster, pic, every single member of this group played tremendous role in making this successful event, the organizer and guru of this event Binder has done a great job. Thanks to Binder, Peter and all the crew members.

B.Karthik Navayan, Advocate
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