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[ZESTCaste] Now, OBC power engineers cry foul over promotions

Now, OBC power engineers cry foul over promotions
TNN 14 November 2009, 04:13am IST

LUCKNOW: The dust raised by agitating power engineers of SC/ST and
general category over cadre's promotion issues had barely settled down
engineers from Other Backward Classes have raised a controversy. Under
the aegis of welfare society of OBCs, the engineers have alleged that
the UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) management is violating the
constitutional privilege enjoyed by the cadre in the form of 27 per
cent reservation.

In a memorandum dashed off to the UPPCL top rung on November 11, the
society has claimed that the posts of engineers from the category are
not filled in the right number, due to which their representation in
higher posts has lagged behind.

As per the list of engineers till 2007, there happens to be no chief
engineer (level-1) from OBC category. In case of CE (L-2) there is
just one as against a total of 50 positions. As for the superintending
engineers, the percentage stands at 10% of the total sanctioned posts.
The situation remains the same for executive engineer.

The representation made by the society before the UPPCL bosses, takes
the cue out of a reply to an RTI application of May 26, 2007,
revealing that as against the sanctioned 232 posts of assistant
engineers (which happens to be the recruitment post), only 115 are

"This is gross injustice with the cadre,'' said general secretary of
the society, R K Verma. Interestingly, yet another RTI reply given on
June 23, 2009, by UPPCL said that the posts of engineers from the OBC
category has been filled as per the rules. Verma, however, challenges
this and claims that the reply is grossly wrong and the situation
remains very much the same.

In the memorandum, the society threatens to bring the matter to notice
of the court. The society wrote: "It cannot be ruled out that
injustice has been done with OBCs and justice could be achieved only
by putting the issue before the high court.''

The resentment brews close on the heels of the agitation launched by
the engineers of the general category few days back. The section too
had highlighted the fact as to how their representation has been
dwindling over the years.

The situation had turned murkier when engineers locked horns with
their counterparts from the SC/ST category asking the UPPCL management
to promote the engineers on the basis of total years of service. This
was opposed by the SC/ST category engineers who demanded promotions as
per the seniority at a level.

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[ZESTCaste] Maya's Ambedkar Jayanti plea doesn't get relief for `smaraks'

Maya's Ambedkar Jayanti plea doesn't get relief for `smaraks'
TNN 14 November 2009, 01:53am IST

NEW DELHI: The Mayawati government on Friday took the plea of Dalit
icon Dr B R Ambedkar's birth anniversary on December 6 to seek
permission from
the Supreme Court to do maintenance and repair work at the `smarak'
built in his honour at Lucknow.

The state government pleaded before a Bench comprising Justices H S
Bedi and J M Panchal that a large number of people were expected to
throng the Ambedkar `smarak sthal' at Lucknow on his birth anniversary
and arrangements as well as repair and maintenance work needed to be
carried out there.

Though the Bench refused to give any immediate relief saying there had
been no change in the circumstances since the work was ordered to be
stopped at all project sites in Lucknow, it agreed to put the
application for hearing on November 30 along with the main matter.

Appearing for petitioner Mithilesh Kumar Singh and the NGO Gomti Nagar
Janakalyan Maha Samiti, senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi said
that no leeway should be given to the Mayawati government on this
score as it had in the past failed in the trust test by continuing
with the work despite giving an undertaking not to do so.

On September 11, the SC had ordered a complete stop on all kinds of
activity at the project sites for `smaraks' after taking suo motu
cognizance of media reports that the state had violated its September
8 undertaking not to do any construction activity there.

The project sites affected by the stop work fiat of the apex court
included Ambedkar Udyan, Kanshiram Sanskritik Maidan, Kanshiram Smarak
and Ramabai-Ambedkar Rally Sthal.

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[ZESTCaste] Non -Implementation of reservation policy in MA NIT Bhopal [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from uaday singh included below]

Dear Friends,
         After having various directives from MHRD/UGC regarding faculty reservation. The NIT Bhopal has not implemented SC/ST reservation in the cadre of Associate Professor and Professor in its recent advertisement(coipy attached).
The reservation policy could not be implemented properly in Govt. Sector and we are thinking for reservation in Private sector.
Our friends who are in Delhi may approach to GOI to cancel this advertisement of MA NIT Bhopal.
With regards.
Dr. Uaday Singh
Assistant Professor
Deptt. of Applied Mathematics
ISM Dhanbad

From: Vinod Rawat <>
Sent: Tue, 10 November, 2009 12:55:47 AM
Subject: Support for Private Reservation

Namo Buddhaya                                                                         Jai Bheem

Dear Sir
       Thank you so much for finding time to read and quick reply from your busy schedule. Since I know many of many friends who have been hiding their caste identity by using upper caste surnames and surprisingly dominating/discriminating Dalitsls similar to the upper castes but I wonder why I haven't found even a single Dalit using Mishra, Shukla, Pandey, etc. brahmin surname?

       Many of us who have got the job are now concerned only with our family, forgetting even those Dalits students with whom we have spent decades during our studies and saying that "I have achieved every thing with my sheer hard work and perseverance." If we are getting 10,000 we would try to invest it in our family members or throw a grand party among our friends but not trying to pay back to our society.

    The funniest thing I often hear is, "sorry, I don't get time to participate in Dalit welfare activities." Another funny thing I find is that almost all of us keep watching news channels controlled by the upper castes, sports where I don't find even a single player belonging to Dalit community, T.V serials where there are again no actors/ actresses.

    Thirdly, the newspapers, which highlight how the SC/ST person has molested his own daughter in great detail but not about the upper castes. Since I too was a correspondent, I have closely watched how news is made/selected. That's why when Anoop Kumar came with this idea of having a Dalit-media group and online magazine, I immediately donated 5,000 rupees, with the hope that if it gets successful I shall be having a media where I can publish any kind of discrimination and also read what is happening in other parts of the country. His organisation consists of  intellectuals, so I feel peace in my heart.

    'Voice of Buddha,' earlier I used to think it to be similar to Shri Bal Thakrey ji, but after reading it I find that may be very slowly but at last it will help us in bringing a caste less society. Therefore, I along with my other friends, have subscribed to it.

      Last week I was coming from Lucknow and in the bus few Brahmins were making fun of 'reservation,' especially about the medical profession, how patients die in the hands of SC doctors. That's why from 'Sauchalaya to Sachivalaya,' from 'Gram Pradhan to President of India,' when it comes to treatment they only search Pandey, Shukla, Dwivedi, etc. I have seen how so many poor patients died in government hospitals to make these people expert and bold while on the other hand SC/ST students stood at the back as there was no one to lead them, they felt hesitant to ask questions and did not experimented with the patients. Thus, those Dalit students who spent time in the company of general students also became bold. Later, I found that a general's clinic was crowded by all the castes and they became experts and even I find that in Muslim community at least there is unity and they prefer to visit Muslim doctors thus 'practice makes a man perfect and they too have a crowd."

The point I am trying to make is that its we who are making generals as expert doctors and rich, if suppose a Dalit doctor/ architecht is given chance again and again he too will perfect. If we purchase good from a Dalit's shop then money will go to a Dalit with which he too shall be providing quality good, otherwise friends say, " I don't buy goods from a Dalit's shop because they provide goods of bad quality." Hope you understand one aspect/hurdle in the rise of Dalits.

So one way of 'paying back to the society' is by at least purchasing things from a Dalit-shops. I am not asking money from you all but I am requesting this because millions are suffering and its the easiest methods to my knowledge. There might be other methods that's what I want you all to share and may be you don't practice them in your real life, never mind, but through sharing it might bring a revolution.
Sir, If I have to explain the word 'incarnation' to someone then I can  say, "Dr. Udit Raj is incarnation of Dr. Ambedkar."
For example: Dr. Ambedkar/ Dr. Udit Raj (Dr. is common) Reservation in education-jobs-elections/ fought to defend reservation Article 81-85, agitations for reservation in private sectors-saved SC/ST act in UP, mass conversion to Buddhism/ ditto, RPI / JPI etc.

    Sir, I have been reading/hearing from a very long time that congress prevented Dr. Ambedkar ji win election in Maharashtra with the help of his own PA. History repeats itself. You too have been denied entrance into the Parliament by the political parties or by the voters, .... 131 MP's of SC/ST community  can never do what you would have done alone . Firstly because they belong to various parties therefore they are mere puppets in the hands of the puppeteers,  simply they have to remain dumb and mute on Dalit issues. I understand you could have easily become MP on the ticket of some other political party but then you too would have been forced to remain silent or expelled from the party.
    In your reply you have used "DO or DIE for Dalits,"  I can feel your pain, what you would have done if power would have been in your hands and also the expectations from us. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that just like we have caste system in Hindu religion, where untouchables were kept at the bottom. Similarly, I feel as if same pattern is being followed  in the private companies. Most of the SC/ST persons in these companies are at the bottom.
   I have talked with ANOOP KUMAR and I shall be coming with him after 26th November, as I would like you to help him in clearing the Ford foundation Grant which had got struck  somewhere. I shall be handing over 6,000 rupees as donation to Pancham lal Valmiki ji, so that he can pass it to you on 24 th November.

Sir, one more message has come related with Safai Karamcharis, please do the needful.
With thanks and regards
Vinod Kumar

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Safai karamcharis seek alternative jobs Correspondent
6.76 lakh people collect night soil manually in the country
In the 11th Plan, it was said that the practice of manual collection of night soil will be eradicated
'State Government is not using the funds released for rehabilitation of safai karamcharis'
Mysore: The Karnataka State Safai Karamchari Nirmoolana Mahasamsthe here on Thursday has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to direct the State Government to create alternative jobs for safai karamcharis and their dependents as assured by him in the 11th Plan.
Addressing presspersons, Peddanna, State president of the mahasamsthe, said a memorandum detailing the plight of the safai karamcharis, who are engaged in manual collection of night soil, would be submitted shortly to the Prime Minister in New Delhi. Mr. Manmohan Singh declared that the Government was committed to eradicate the obnoxious and inhuman practice of manual collection of night soil. Mr. Manmohan Singh said that safai karamcharis engaged in such work would be provided with alternative employment by 2012. However, the Karnataka State Government was doing nothing to eradicate the practice. Instead the safai karamcharis were continued to be engaged by the State Government in manual collection of night soil.
The number of safai karamcharis who were engaged in collection of night soil was estimated at 6.76 lakh in the country while 2.8 lakh of the karamcharis were in Karnataka. Even after over 60 years after the country became independent, the socio-economic conditions of the safai karamcharis had not improved. This was undoubtedly a blot on the country which was emerging as an important economic power, he added.
Despite passing the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act - 1993 to liberate the safai karamcharis from the obnoxious practice of carrying night soil manually, the State Government had done nothing to liberate them.
Instead the State Government was filing "false" affidavits to the Union Government, Supreme Court and the National Human Rights Commission on eradication of the practice, he alleged.
Thousands of safai karamcharis, who were engaged in handling the night soil manually, clearing chocked drain with minimum equipment, and gathering night soil collected on railway platforms were succumbing to diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer. "The Chairperson of the National Safai Karamchari Commission, Santhosh Choudhry, rightly pointed out that life expectancy of a safai karamchari was only 45 years," he said.
Although the Centre released Rs. 400 crore in the 10th Plan for the rehabilitation of safai karamcharis, the State Government spent only Rs. 146 crore.
The State Government exhibited similar apathy while spending Rs. 500 crore released in 2007 for the purpose. Same was the case with the 18 per cent funds earmarked in the civic bodies for the purpose, he regretted.
Mr. Peddanna suggested that members of the Karnataka State Safai Karamchari Nirmoolana Mahasamsthe should be included in the Rehabilitation Committee.
He said the funds released for the rehabilitation of the safai karamcharis should be utilised fully.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 10:57 AM, <> wrote:
I read your message and it is good.All India Confederatin of SC/ST Organisation has given call for reservation in Private Sector .The dharan is from 19thNov to 22nd Dec 09 at Jantar Mantar ,N Delhi .This issue is do or die for dalits and it needs lots of moral,physical and monetary support .Pl join in large number at least on one of the days.
National President - Indian Justice Party and A.I. Confederation of SC/ST Org.
Member-National Integration Council,Govt of India
Add: T-22,Atul Grove Road,C.P.,N.Delhi -1
+91 11 23354841
+91 11 23354842
+91 9899382211

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From: Vinod Rawat <>
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 16:22:27 +0530
Subject: Re: Fw: condoms,napkins,sanitation and dalits (fwd)

Dear Anoop
           This is a very serious issue and since Padam Ji has taken a step, so at present to give him a helping hand I am forwarding this message to some of my contacts. Secondly, I don't know what are the rules laid down by the government for the cleaners regarding their salaries, etc. When Padam ji has written that they can get soaps from the ration shops, then I hope that there might be many other facilities that must have been kept SECRET from years and they should be found out and revealed to them. Thirdly, I request you all to please find out what are the methods used in the foreign countries regarding cleaning of these sewers, i.e, equipments, gloves, etc. and only then we can compare and contrast the discrimination done with the most marginalized people of our country. Lastly, I request you all to share your views, ideas, since I can expect that it shall be difficult for each one of you to come on roads to participate in agitations concerning such issues.

Always and forever yours

Note: Dear Anoop I could not resist myself from sending the carbon copy of this mail to
Dr. Udit Raj (Ex-Income Tax Commissioner), National Charmain: All India Confederation  of SC/ST  Organizations,  Chairman: Dalit International, Member: Indian Integration Council, Govt. of India, National President: Indian Justice Party, Editor: Voice of Buddha, President; Lord Buddha Club, Chairman: Dr Ambedkar's  ......... because on 4th October 2009, on the eve of Valmiki Jayanti function  in IIT Kanpur Campus a similar issue was raised regarding the 300+ Valmiki caste employees in government job to mere 10 in 2009 in IIT Campus and also how the jobs are now offered on the contract basis. Later, I came to know that soon after returning to  New Delhi, he has discussed this matter with Dr. Buta Singh (Chairman SC Commission). Secondly, in his one months agitation program at Jantar Mantar during November-December 2009 demanding reservation of jobs for SC/ST in private sectors; he has included this issue too.

On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 4:12 PM, Cynthia Stephen <> wrote:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Cynthia Stephen <>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 5:47 PM
Subject: Fw: condoms,napkins,sanitation and dalits (fwd)
To: Cynthia Stephen <>

Cynthia Stephen
Independent Researcher and writer
Bangalore, India

--- On Fri, 11/6/09, Shiva Shankar <> wrote:

From: Shiva Shankar <>
Subject: condoms,napkins,sanitation and dalits (fwd)
Cc: "ananth narayanan" <>
Date: Friday, November 6, 2009, 4:58 PM

Can we not, all of us, get together on this one issue, and award ourselves a good sewage system? (Atomic weapons, security council, emerging superpower status etc notwithstanding.) For how long will people, considered 'untouchable' and at the very bottom of the dungheap, have to get into sewers and clean OUR filth?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 15:46:28 +0530
From: paadam pm <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:  ;
Subject: condoms,napkins,sanitation and dalits

Dear Sir/Madam,

Iam sending this mail to hundreds of my contacts. Please read the content of this letter, attached ppt and your reaction.whatever it may be.  I also request right thinking citizens to write on this issue to the Metrowater and Municipal administration officials (email: can also be taken up in all other states. Please forward to all your friends and contacts. Let us see if change happens.

Narayanan.A (98403-93581)

---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
From: paadam pm <>
Date: Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 9:12 PM
Subject: Madras High Court order dt 5th August 2009 against Contempt
petition No.352 of 2009

 5th November 2009.

Chairman & Managing Director                                                
Chennai Metro water Supply and Sewerage Board
Chindadripet, Chennai – 600

Kind Attn: Mr.Siv Das Meena.

Ref: Madras High Court order dt  5th August 2009 against Contempt petition
No.352 of 2009

Dear Sir,


There is a strong possibility that you may consider the content of this letter and its attachment as 'a cheap Publicity stunt'and you have every right and liberty to think so.

However, I consider it as a method  or effort to draw the attention of yourselves, the Government, the politicians and indifferent public. I don't have the wherewithal to organize rallies or marches or go to the beach to start fasting and am only an ordinary activist, if I can call so. Hence this method. 

Yes. Attached please find  photographs of me holding in both my hands, half a dozen each, of 'faeces lubricated sanitary napkins, condoms' that I could manage to dish out of 'scores of the same' which were in the slush of  blocked manhole opposite to Loyola College, Nungambakkam today (5-11-2009).

Just this afternoon, as I was passing by, I could see that your department had, as usual sent a truck with a Jetroding machine and a couple of 'temporary staff' plus a crowbar 'minus' ofcourse soap, gloves, etc to clean up an overflowing sewer line.

The job of removing sanitary napkins, condoms, throw away plastics, clothe,debris, broken liquor bottles, mutton wastes, food wastes, vegetable wastes etc, etc., from sewer manholes has become such a permanent job for Sewerage workers on a daily basis in so many parts of our city and other towns. When this is so, why is the department keeping such temporary workers for daily wages of Rs.110 per day minus all benefits,  for such  permanent jobs, which is one of the most basic violation of the labour laws of the country.

I could see that except for the Jetroding machine, the crowbar and a pair of slippers, the temporary worker was not given any protective gear. After a half-hearted job at removing the blockage using the machine, he closed the lid of the manhole and heaped all the slush & debris mainly consisting of more than two dozens of sanitary napkins and condoms (the culprits for the sewer overflow) removed from the blockage, back on the manhole itself, with his bare hands.

If we employ only a temporary worker with no training for just Rs.110 per day as daily wages with neither social security nor protective gear, we will only get such a sloppy and substandard work.

When I enquired with him about why he is not using a soap (he is entitled to) to wash his hands and body parts of the stink and deadly virus that he was in touch with via the sludge, he replied that he doesn't even know that he is eligible for a ration of soap from the department.  

I still managed to scoop out atleast 6 no.s each of used condoms and sanitary napkins with my bare hands to get myself photographed. When I returned home, the stench refused to go off my hands and finger nails, despite using half of an expensive soap and scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing.

As I ate my lunch  with my hands (despite the availability of spoon), I could 'only' empathize with the municipal workers of our country, how they continue to eat their lunch every day after 'such calls of duty from our nation'.

As I type out this letter, 'the stink of faeces, condoms and napkins of men and women unknown to me' refuses to go out of my hands. I keep sniffing my finger nails to see if the stink is vanishing and may be, it will go in a day or two. But the stink of official apathy and public indifference will permanently stay in our citizenry unless some of us put our act together.

Only when we go, physically verify and photograph what causes frequent sewerage overflows and makes urban sanitation a nightmare in our country, we realize the seriousness of it all.

Hence, I once again urge you, in your capacity as the Chairman, to immediately convene the special committee setup by the honourable High court so that we can attempt to make our cities and towns a better place to live in, attempt to sensitise the citizens of the crime that they are indulging, the crime of indifference, the crime of flush and forget, the crime of letting  our Dalit brothers and migrant labourers eke out a living of manual scavenging or similar such 'reserved'occupations which keeps their lives and that of their families miserable and stinking throughout their lifetime.

Only the other day, I was witness to a migrant mother (employed by the contractor) inside what you would call (of course) the manhole of the Storm water drain. Her 2 year old child was playing dangerously outside the manhole on the platform.  For all practical purposes, the drain in which the mother was inside scooping out debris was an unofficial / unauthorised sewer line, a dust bin of plastic debris, broken beer bottles, with chicken waste thrown in as an add on. We conveniently call this a storm water drain. The Municipal Corporation and Metrowater Board, each think it is the other department's issue.

If we do not reverse the way, we the civil society and the Government manage urban sanitation in our state in the immediate future possible, we can only be fit to rename our department, the Department of Municipal Mis-administration and Sewerage Supply.

May I atleast now look forward to your initiative please.

Thank You and with Warm Regards,

Narayanan.A Trustee- INFORSE IDL Editor-PAADAM

Copy to : The Secretary, Department of Municipal Administration and Water Supply, Government of Tamilnadu.

Cynthia Stephen
Independent Writer and Researcher

And may you be blessed with the foolishness to think that you can make a difference in the world, so that you will do things which others tell you cannot be done
"Every budding dictatorship begins by muzzling the artists, because they're a mouthy lot and they don't line up and salute very easily."  Margaret Atwood : Canadian Literary Icon.
blog: http.//

With warm regards
Joy d Vinod

With warm regards
Joy d Vinod

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