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[ZESTCaste] [The Buddhist Circle] Will Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar's residence Rajgriha declare as National Manuments by Congress Govt.


Dear Friends,
           I got various messages from Dhamma Friends including Hon.
Dr. Munshilal Gautam, IAS. And most of them are in favour of
this demand. Mr Pankaj Shivbhagat, National Convenor of Bharatiya
Bahujan Panther organize a big mass rally at Azad Maidan Mumbai
on October 28, 2010 at 1.00 PM. Mr Shivbhagat has invited me to
address the rally. And i will try to attend it. But The Govt. Of Maharashtra
should allot the Housing Board Flats to rental persons and the Bunglow
to Adv. Prakash Ambedkar.
          Now Rajgriha is a Public property. It should be declared as a
national manuments and keep their every memories of Dr Ambedkar
in that manuments. So Buddhist people and visitors can see that things
in that manuments....
Dr. Milind Jiwane
From: Rajesh Patil <>
Date: 25 September 2010 21:34
Subject: Re: [The Buddhist Circle] Will Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar's residence Rajgriha declare as National Manuments by Congress Govt.
Cc: "Dr. Milind Jiwane" <>


If Mr. Prakash Ambedkar is ready to do the handover it then govt must take immediate steps to declare as a national monument.

Documentation of historical things are necessary to keep movement alive. As Emperor Ashoka did it, so we know about the Buddha even after 2500 years. Otherwise Buddha would have been just a mythological figure.

I fully support your demand.


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From: Dr. Milind Jiwane <>
Subject: [The Buddhist Circle] Will Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar's residence Rajgriha declare as National Manuments by Congress Govt.
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Date: Wednesday, 22 September, 2010, 4:22 PM

Will Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar's residence Rajgriha declare as National
Manuments by Congress Govt.
Bodhisatva Dr B R Ambedkar,Father of Indian Constitution died on
December 6, 1956 at 26, Alipur Road, New Delhi and due to making the
big pressure by Ambedkarite people, the concerened government has declared
the 26, Alipur Road, New Delhi as a National Manuments. But The Congress
Government has not given the status to Ambedkar's manuments as like the
RajGhat, the funeral place of Mh. Gandhi. Hence such types of demand
should be needed.
Recently The Chief of Bharatiya Bahujan Panther of Nanded Mr.Pankaj
Shivbhagat met an eminent person Dr Milind Jiwane, Chairperson of World
Buddhist Conference 2006 at Dr Jiwane's Nagpur Office for making strong
agitation for the demand of Rajgriha, as a National Manuments. Dr Jiwane
has given full co-operation and every support to Mr Shivbhagat for its
During the discussion between Dr Milind Jiwane and Mr. Shivbhagat,
Dr Jiwane said that, Dr Ambedkar's Mahaparinirvan day is December 6,1956
and from January 26, 1950 India becomes the real Republic state, due to the efforts of Dr Ambedkar. Now it passed the period of 61 years. But sill
Congress Government failed to take the decission to declare and
implementation of Rajgriha, the residence of Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar as a
National Manuments.
The Congress Government has failed to provide the Housing Boards
Flats to the rental persons of Rajgriha and the Bunglow to Adv. Prakash
Ambedkar, National President of Republican Party (!). Why Congress Government has not taken the decission of Rajgriha yet, we have to think
about it. The Congress is very well known about our leaders' policy. Will
Ambedkarite People will come on one dias to show our power to them.......
Expecting your comments.....
Naresh Dongre
PA to Dr Milind Jiwane

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