Friday, July 1, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Times Impact: IIT-Delhi 'self-enrichment' programme open to all

Times Impact: IIT-Delhi 'self-enrichment' programme open to all
Hemali Chhapia, TNN | Jul 1, 2011, 03.04am IST

MUMBAI: The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi has opened its doors
wider: all students wanting to take up the week-long self-enrichment
programme can do so now. It was earlier meant only for SC/ST

TOI had reported about the course in its Thursdays edition. But
various experts were anguished that IIT-Delhi was running the
programme only for SC/ST students and termed the grooming course as
smacking of apartheid and causing segregation on campus. Reacting
promptly, the tech school changed its stand; it will now allow all
students to take the course. The co-ed programme, which will run from
July 10 to July 17, is made up of modules on communication,
personality development and theatre for communication.

"(All) JEE selected students who are planning to join IIT-Delhi are
encouraged to register for the special Self-Enrichment Programme
starting July 9. The programme is open for limited registration for up
to 200 students and preference will be given to SC/ST and other
students from economically weaker background," read a fresh note put
out by IIT-Delhi on Thursday.

The residential programme is conducted by the Centre for Research and
Education for Social Transformation, Kerala . It will enable students
to improve communication skills, better time management and public
expression as well as build self-confidence, says the note put up by
the institute.

Ashley Paul, a course co-ordinator, says, "Most of these students
don't have the social capital; they come from rural parts of India.
The course leaves them a lot more certain than when they walked in."

From classes in communication to touching on aspects of personality
development, Paul says the course is meant to help students shed their
inhibitions and come out of their shell.

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