Sunday, July 17, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Paswan laments attacks on Dalits

Paswan laments attacks on Dalits

New Delhi, Jul 14 (PTI) Lok Janshakti Party chief Ram Vilas Paswan
today lamented the rise in attacks on Dalits and minorities in the
country and said the government had failed to take effective steps
against it.

At his party''s National Executive Meeting, Paswan said the nation is
passing through "very critical and difficult times," with crucial
issues of price rise, corruption and attacks on vulnerable people
shattering hope of the common man.

"There is a continuous rise in attacks on minorities and Dalits
throughout the country, but it is highly shocking that both the Centre
as well as the state governments have not taken any effective measures
to control the situation," Paswan said on the sidelines of the

Citing the Mirchpur incident in Haryana, and that of Banthal and Dhada
in Gujarat where Dalits have been "forcibly evicted", he called it a
matter of grave concern and national shame.

He said that in Uttar Pradesh where a Dalit chief minister was in
power, attacks on the community, rapes and murder had become the order
of the day.
Paswan also used the occasion to raise the issue of land acquisition
and support the creation of smaller states.

He said policies being worked out on the issue of land acquisition
must take into consideration the concerns of farmers, share croppers
and all interested parties.

He said his party stands for making right to employment a fundamental
right and also supports reservation for women in Parliament and state
Assembly but with provision of quota within for scheduled castes and
tribes, backward classes and minorities.

"We support the cause of creation of Telangana and also for the demand
of creation of other smaller states. We also support the demand for
creation of new states in western UP, Central Uttar Pradesh,
Purvanchal and Bundelkhand," Paswan said.

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