Friday, May 6, 2011

[ZESTCaste] flight of upper caste doctors and engineers


Dear friends

As i took my ageing mother to her doctor in ao clinic (who also consults in govt hospital)- in all honesty an upper caste himself whom my mother has been seeing (read how caste operates in choice of doctor) he told me in private (he knows what work i do) that out of 47 doctors of upper caste from govt. medical college, only three are in India. The rest are abroad.

According to him most of the doctors who work in govt. are not the upper caste, who go abroad or to private sector. Why should the govt. allow upper caste access to govt medical college at all? Why not make it compulsory that any body who studies in govt. subsidised medical colleges and engineering colleges has to serve only in govt health and education facilities (rural for 15 years??)

In chennai the transport works well becasue people like me use it in addition to poor. Motivated by PHM i am now doing the same with regard to my health. the queue is long, one understands how the system works and able to complain on quality (not mustaf or armaan). but i have not got to the level of commitment required to put my child in govt. school at age 15.

yes i was in a private hsoptial last year wrongly diagnosed with typhoid for some time when i had hepatitis A. unnecessarily retained for eight days.

If we want equality rich or poor, dalits or non dalits should use same facility.


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