Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Re: [ZESTCaste] 18 percent of Corporate Sector employees are Dalits, says CII chief


Dalt Office Retires, 3 Held For "Purifying" His Office........www.hindustantimes.com of  22.4.2011
This news was published on 22.4.2011 in Hindustan Times and also in Times of India.:
CAN GROUP FRIENDS HELP/ADVISE, HOW TO GET JUSTICE FROM "NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR SCHEDULED CASTES" IN SIMILAR CASES OF CASTE HUMILIATION IN THE GOVT OFFICES, WHEN THE VICTIM HAS NO MONEY POWER, NO POLITICAL POWER, NO ADMINISTRATIVE POWER, NO MEDIA POWER & NO SOCIAL POWER (DUE TO BELONGING TO VERY WEAK DALIT COMMUNITIES) :-                                                                                                         ... In the above case of Kerala's dalit officer, police acted only after the case got publicity after coming into newspapers (before that there was no action either by Police or by any other authority). Same caste based humiliation has happened against me in the govt office in New Delhi (Puja (purifying rituals due to caste hatred) was performed by the casteist group of govt bureaucrats, to purify the office place used by me, also breaking open my room for the puja), but no action has been taken either by police or by other higher authorities of Govt, despite my complaints (with evidence) to Police & National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Instead of taking action against the perpetrators, the oppressor bureaucrats have been given the liberty & encouragement to harass & harm me increasingly. Not only that, my complaints of caste harassment by the the group of influential casteist bureaucrats, are pending with NCSC's APCR Wing since September,2008; where the casteist oppressors are inflicting one harassment action after other repeatedly for last many years, because they have not been tolerating me in the government organisation due to my being a highly qualified & being the senior most SC/ST officer at the organisation's head office (hence they also removed me from the Delhi head office by transferring me to Hyderabad in December,2009, after my complaints to NCSC against their caste harassment & after getting encouraged by NCSC taking no action against them). . ........Although NCSC is highest authority for protection of scheduled castes, but in actual, NCSC only helps the perpetrators to increasingly harass & harm the victim repeatedly, after his complaints to NCSC (by not controlling the perpetrators).                ...............           Clearly, the reason for inaction & injustice in the caste atrocities & caste hatred motivated humiliating act of puja-purification in my case, is that Police & NCSC follow some unfair criterea not based on justice.           ..............          What are the critirea, NCSC & Police follow for taking action in caste atrocities cases?  .......... Do police & NCSC take the action only on those cases which get publicity in the media & come in the newspapers & television? Or there are some monitory considerations ? Or there are political considerations ? Do they act only against those atrocities where they get directions from politicians ? Do they act according to the influential position of the perpetrators ? (do they ignore or suppress the case when the perpetrators are in influential position having money power ? ) ............. For my case, I have no money power, no political power, no media power. .................. So, does that mean that there will be no action & justice by NCSC in my long pending case & casteist oppressors will be continued to be encouraged by NCSC, Police & other authorities to repeatedly harass, harm & humiliate me because I have no money power, no political power, no administrative power, no media power, no social power (belonging to a very weak dalit sub-caste).  With great pain I regularly go from Hyderabad to NCSC's Delhi office, but NCSC people always reply that they will look into my case when they will get time. ..................... Can facebook friends advise/help how I get justice from NCSC / Police OR how a victim get justice against caste atrocities in govt offices, when he has no money power, no political power, no influential position etc !!                    ............................  MANISH K BAINIWAL, GENERAL MANAGER (in a GOVERNMENT OF INDIA'S PUBLIC SECTOR UNDERTAKING) ,  PHONE: 91-9701698882

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Subject: Re: [ZESTCaste] 18 percent of Corporate Sector employees are Dalits, says CII chief

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