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[ZESTCaste] Help to brave Gujarati girl -field report from Mr KIRIT and my appeal


Please forward this email to the forums and individuals who you think may help.

(Names withelp for privacy reasons).

Dear donors and friends,

I have been trying my best to help this unfortunate girl. Please read the following field report by Mr Kirit. I thank him immensely for the pains taken and for giving us a complete picture. That is the spirit of a true social worker. Thanks, brother Kirit.




We are looking for donations. We have already promises for approximately Rs.40,000. We are looking for atleast Rs.1 Lakh contributions. Here is what my options are to help her. I welcome other viable ideas, if any.


1.     Her father is disabled due to an accident. He is an auto rikshaw driver. We may help him to buy an auto rikshaw with our contributions.

2.     She is a very ambitious woman. She wants to be an IAS/IPS officer. I believe, she has the capacity, if proper guidance is given. Despite her tumultuous past, she excelled in education and harboring such a great thoughts means, she is more than capable. So, we may deposit our contribution in an Fixed Deposit and ask her to take the interest leaving the principal for a later day when she require it.

3.     We may help find a job for her. Some Christian missionary school may come forward to give her a job. I am sending this email for many people in position and urging them to help her. I do not know if anyone responds (as in many cases), but I am trying to the best of my ability.

4.     We may give her the entire money and ask her to use it the best way possible. She is in need of money and so she is doing labor work despite getting highest marks in her teacher training.

Any more ideas? Please come forward.

I urge everyone who reads this email to contribute a little to help this brave girl. $5 per person will become a great help. As you know, we can issue a Income Tax exemption certificate if you contribute more.

So, please come forward to help this courageous and promising young girl who unfortunately born a Dalit.

With lots of hope

Benjamin Paul Kaila

To: Benjamin Kaila <>; HUMAN HORIZONS <>
Cc: Prof. Shiva Shankar <>
Sent: Sat, December 5, 2009 8:21:22 AM

Dear Benjamin Sir and Donors and well wishers,

Jai Bhim

I did village visit today and wrote report based on my visit (you may the attachment also), I would like to have your prompt reply on  this please.

Field visit Report


From:-Ahmedabad (City)

To      :-Jetalvasana (Ahmedabad to Koba circle to Adalaj Cross road to Kalol to Mehsana to Jetalvasana)

             On Mehsana Palanpur highway, National Highway No.8.


Travel time 12pm to 2.15pm

Discussion time with victim and his family 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Returned travel time: 4.30 to 7pm

Report Writing time:-7.30pm-10pm

Objective of visit: - To know the practical situation of the victim

Today morning I met a retired Social Welfare officer as per our planning, who has been one of the information givers on this case, apart from him; I was in touch with few social leaders whom I was assuming that they were known bias. But, then they started giving me excuse to post- pone the visit to the village therefore I decided to go alone and face the situation as well as to know the truth.

As everyone might know that I have two young children whom I look after during the day time so that my wife could do job; So Saturday and Sunday are the only days on which I can do full time social welfare work. As tomorrow I have other field visit to do therefore, I decided to finish village visit today, I left my home by 12pm leaving back my two children alone in the house as my wife would return from her job at 1.30pm.

I knew that this village comes under Mehsana district and Visnagar taluka, when I reached Mehsana, I stopped my bike and bought water bottle and at the same time I inquired about the location of village but the shop-keeper bluntly refused stating that I do not know area which is out side of Mehsana City therefore I don't know the location of about Jetalvasana village, there after I asked few more people about the village but majority of them gave me excuse but not location. Lastly, on young boy who was sleeping his shop, his name was Suresh Chaudhary, he gave me location and also guided me properly how to reach that village.

I got my education up to 10th Std in Mahasana district therefore I know the nature people but this was something out of my imagination. Whenever I asked person, most the time they give me very strange look. Still I continued with my journey towards Jetalvasana village, in-between, I filled patrol (gas), at patrol pump again I asked about village and its location, he said, it is very nearer to this place but it is off road therefore you have to asked someone after 2km.,  I did that there were high school students who were standing at state transport bus station for waiting for their buses, I asked one student, could you guide me where is Jatalvasana village, they looked me and started whispering with each with smiley face and showed me direction.

Jatalvanasa bus stop is on the main highway i.e National highway No.8 but village is 3km in side the main road. I reached village. I show two people coming out from field, I asked them, 'I want go to Dalitwas (dalit colony)', an old man, showed me way, saying go street and turn right side from temple, go little from there you will reach Harjanvash. I thanked him and followed his showed direction.  It was muddy place with lots of cow dung and rubbish. I show female with child there, I asked her, 'I want go to Dalitwash (dalit colony)' she said, 'this is the Harijanwash', whom do you want to talk to? I said, I want to meet the parents of PTC-Patan victim. She very politely replied, he is my husband elder cousin and he lives opposite side of that road. I followed her direction and reached victims house.

I parked my bike, as it was afternoon therefore was no one but few children playing out side, I asked them 'I want to talk to the Victim's father. Children went inside of the house and brought a middle aged woman. 

She asked me, who are you? and where are you come from? I give my introduction, I came from Ahmedabad and I want to talk to Babubhai, she said, he is my husband, please come in, I went inside the house, by the time a boy come from in side of the house and went out to look for his father Babubhai.  By the time lady gave me water and also offered me tea.

After Babubhai came, we started talking, as per Babubhai, many people have visited his house and they offered me and my daughter many things along with job for my daughter but none of them turn back so far therefore, we do not have faith on anyone. As far as you(kirit) are here, you may have tea and go.

Seeing Babubhai's such reaction, once I had lost my confidence but again I prompted, Babubhai, I come all the way from Ahmedabad to talk to you and to know about your family situation. Without your cooperation I could do nothing to help you and your daughter. I told that I did not get time to have my lunch and I left my two children alone to meet you please. Babubhai's wife also requested Babubhai to let him (kirit) talk. After few minutes of break we started talking, and suddenly Babubhai started crying. Again there was pin drop silent. Honestly, even I did not know how to console him, I waited for a while then again we re-continue our talk;


He gave me following information about his family situation:-

On 8th May 2009 he faced road accident in which he got fractured his left leg, medication cost me lots of money, before  he got fracture his left leg, he was master in  masonry work  but since accident he is unable to work. He got auto rixa on bank loan but due to his physical disability, he could not drive auto rixo, he hardly able to pay bank loan installments. He is also landless labor therefore his family has to depend on seasonal agro based labor work.

Babubhai also said, he has two sons and two daughters, among one son and one daughter got married and they are settled down separately. His elder son does not live with him since this case happened. His younger son has scored 70% in this 12th std and his pursuing in Unza college.  At presently, his financial situation is very poor, sometime we are unable to eat full meal. After Babubhai, I talked to his son.

Victim's brother,

He said, he is studying in F.Y.B.Com and he want to leave his village by next year to stay in hostel and complete his remaining studies. He asked which  are the courses available after graduation?, I informed him about most the courses and employment options available for him after graduation including Gujarat Public commission jobs and Union Public Commission's jobs (IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS & ELITE SERVICES).

After few hours' discussion, I requested Babubhai to allow me to talk to his daughter (victim) please. He reluctantly agreed and called victim from back of his house. She was made to awake from sleep as evidenced by eyes and sleepy voice. I introduced my to her then had discussion on her present and future plan.

Victim's outcome of discussion:-

When she come to know that I am not here to give her anything but to know about the situation, she started sharing her present situation, she said at present she enrolled herself in B.A major with English in  Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University and also doing CCC computer course. She is attending computer course three days in a week. She is very much interested to do further studies and want to become IAS/IPS officer (after saying this sentence she started crying) there was pause for while.  Then she asked me how can be a IAS and IPS?  I explained every details, how to become IAS or IPS. After listening to my explanation about IAS examination, she took more interested while asking many questions about different education courses and government jobs.  She also said she want to help her family therefore she does not have any other option but to do labor work. I agree with her and shared my life story to entire family.  It appeared to they got inspiration and started cooperating to my remaining query.

I inquire about

1.       Whether she has her own bank account, (Yes, she has in State Bank of India)

2.       Her contact number (yes, her family mobile No.)

3.       Her correspondence address (Yes, I have with me)

My observation and understanding about this case;

After field visit, my unasked few questions got answered, victim belong to chamar caste in scheduled caste therefore all information about her has been suppressed. Even most of Gujarati government officials including IAS/IPS belong to non chamar caste therefore she has not received proper rehabilitation. Even I was misguided by non chamar social leaders to know about fact of the victim. Well known human rights activist of Gujarat also does not belong to chamar caste prior to conversation therefore he did not bother to raise this issue any further to get her justice.  This is unbearable pain for me to know that scheduled castes even not ready unite in such case.

Request from my end:-

Please give her financial support while contributing as much fund as we can in order to giver her better future please.

Field report prepared by


Ford Fellow (Alumni)

Yes! Ambassador, Western Union Money Transfer


GC-Human Rights and Human Values, University of Birmingham, UK,

Spirituality and Social Work, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA,

Human Rights and Minority Management, EURAC Research, Italy




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