Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Naveen government anti-SC/ST, says Congress

Orissa | Posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 11:54am IST
Naveen government anti-SC/ST, says Congress
indianexpress Express News Service , The New Indian Express

BHUBANESWAR: Criticising the State Government as anti-tribal and
anti-Dalit, Congress members on Tuesday walked out of the Assembly
alleging that the Orissa Reservation of Vacancies in Post and Service
(for SC and ST) Act, 1975, is not being implemented in letter and

�"As the State Government has no intention to implement the law, we
are walking out of the House in protest," Leader of Opposition
Bhupinder Singh said. The issue cropped up during discussion on the
admissibility of an adjournment motion notice.

�Alleging that the BJD is not interested in the welfare of the tribals
and Dalits, Singh sought to know why did not the Government did not
challenge the judgment of the High Court which quashed a State
Government resolution of providing promotional facilities to ST and SC
employees in the service.

�"Why did not the Government challenge the Orissa High Court's
judgment with regard to the ORV Act," Congress member and prominent
tribal leader Dambarudhar Ulaka too asked.

�"If the Government can file special leave petition (SLP) in the
Supreme Court for Vedanta company, why can't it do the same for
protecting interests of tribals and Dalits," Congress member
Chakradhar Paik asked adding these two communities (ST & SC) comprise
40 per cent of the State's population.

�Stating that there are 61 MLAs belonging to ST and SC communities in
the 147-member Assembly, Paik said the Government should amend the ORV
Act, 1975, in order to provide reservation in the matter of promotion
of ST and SC employees.

�The Opposition members also criticised the Government for not
implementing reservation norms while making contractual appointments.
"Though reservation is provided in appointment of Sikshya Sahayaks,
similar facility should be available in other posts," Ulaka demanded.
He alleged that the ratio of ST and SC staff in the Government service
had been declining in comparison to their population.

�Raising calling attention notice, Padmanabha Behera and Sipra Mallick
(both BJD) also said it is high time the ORV Act was amended as it is
not serving the interest of SC and ST people.

�Making a statement, ST and SC Development Minister Lalbehari Himirika
said the Government was working on an amendment to the ORV Act to make
provision of reservation in the promotion of ST and SC employees. As
the Minister did not give a time frame to bring such an amendment, the
Opposition members walked out in protest.

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