Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Poll results: Samajwadi Party chief snatches dalit fortress from BSP

7 Mar, 2012, 12.22PM IST, TNN
Poll results: Samajwadi Party chief snatches dalit fortress from BSP

LUCKNOW: The Samajwadi Party also swept the reserved assembly
constituencies for the scheduled castes winning more than half of them
way ahead of the BSP that is actually known for its dalit base.

Of the total 84 reserved constituencies, the SP won 54, while the BSP
could win only 17. The Congress got four, BJP three, RLD two and
others took the rest. This shows that the SP not only got the support
of Muslims and backward classes but also of dalits. In fact, in a
reserved constituency, parties face real test of their support since
every party puts up dalit candidates that splits the votes. The one
having more support of other castes and communities wins eventually.

In 2007,the BSP had won 62 out of the total 89 reserved
constituencies, SP 13, BJP seven, Congress five, RLD and Rashtriya
Swabhiman Party (RPS) one each. A look at BSP's performance makes it
clear that the party has not been impressive in reserved
constituencies. But this time it was less than expectations.

Sample this: In 1993, out of the total 88 assembly constituencies
reserved for dalits, the BJP grabbed 38 followed by the BSP and the SP
with 23 each, and four others.

In 1996, again the BJP was top runner with 36 seats followed by the
BSP with 20, the SP 18, the Congress four, and 11 others. The scene in
2002 changed with Mulayam Singh Yadav's party grabbing maximum 35
seats followed by the BSP with 24, BJP 18 and others 11. The results
of the 17 reserved constituencies in the Lok Sabha is also more or
less the same. In 1999, the BSP won five seats in comparison to seven
by the BJP, Loktantrik Congress Party one and SP five. In 2004, the SP
was the leader with eight followed by BSP with five, BJP two and
Congress and RLD one each. In the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, SP won 10 and
BSP five. The BJP and Congress won two each and RLD one.

In 2007 assembly elections, the BSP got a small percentage but crucial
brahmin votes, which helped it sweep the reserved constituencies.

Dalits are around 21% of UP's population. The state has a total 66
scheduled castes (dalits). Of these, jatavs are 56.3% of dalit
population followed by pasis with 15.9% and dhobi, kori and balmiki
together are 15.3% population.

Political analyst pointed out that though the BSP is a dalit-based
party, only the jatav sub-caste is staunch supporter of the party
because Mayawati is also a jatav. The other sub-caste change also
support the BSP but they also change their stand depending on the
candidate fielded by other parties in the reserved constituencies.

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