Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Mayawati: UP will miss my governance

8 Mar, 2012, 03.35AM IST, ET Bureau
Mayawati: UP will miss my governance

LUCKNOW: Accusing BJP and Congress of communalising the elections,
outgoing UP chief minister Mayawati reminded everyone that her core
support base was intact and that the Bahujan Samaj Party's 'good rule'
will be missed by the people of UP as 'hooligans' of the Samajwadi
Party take over.

Indeed, the difference in vote share between the victorious Samajwadi
Party and Mayawati's BSP is just 3.3%. But the minor shift in vote
meant a difference of 146 seats. BSP won in 80 seats, down from the
decisive mandate of 203 seats the party commanded in 2007.

"You all know that Congress raised the issue of reservation for
backward Muslims for their political gains soon after the Vidhan Sabha
elections were declared and this was opposed strongly by BJP,"
Mayawati said, adding that BJP wooed the upper caste communities and
OBCs (other backward castes).

"Due to this, there was a fear in the Muslim community that BJP may
come to power. Finding Congress weak and thinking that OBCs and upper
castes would vote for BJP, Muslims voted not for Congress but SP," she
said. She claimed that nearly 70% of Muslim vote went to the Samajwadi

Speaking to the media after tendering her resignation to governor BL
Joshi, earlier in the day, Mayawati showed no signs of being
dispirited after the defeat and appeared determined to build BSP into
a position of strength during her time in the opposition. "Our party
will revive its cadre and work on taking the people beyond the
Hindu-Muslim mindset," she said, adding that BSP would also bring
newer sections of the society into the party fold.

She said UP was in a bad shape when she took over and her government
achieved great strides in development and improving the law and order
situation despite a negative attitude towards the state by the Centre.

In a departure from convention, she agreed to take questions from the
media. Responding to questions, she said the Dalit vote was not get
splintered, and remained with BSP. "All across the state, Dalits have
voted for BSP. This is the reason BSP is number 2. Otherwise, it would
have been left far behind.... My position would have been like that of
Lalu (Prasad) in Bihar," she said, thanking all members of the Dalit
community and others who voted for BSP.

She said the new SP government will take the state backwards and a
rule of strongmen will take over. "Very soon the people of the state
will get fed up with the functioning of the SP government and remember
the good governance during BSP rule," she said. The people of UP will
also hold the media responsible for BSP's loss, she said.

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