Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Ajit Singh hints at tie-up with Congress, slam Mayawati as opportunistic

Ajit Singh hints at tie-up with Congress, slam Mayawati as opportunistic
TNN | Nov 17, 2011, 03.50AM IST

NEW DELHI: Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Ajit Singh slammed Mayawati's
proposal for four-way split of Uttar Pradesh as "opportunistic" which
would not alter the voters' perception of misgovernance and corruption
about BSP.

The RLD chief's statement was construed as a strong hint that the
party was up for alliance with Congress, as it was felt that his own
demand of statehood for western UP would soften it to BSP after
Mayawati's announcement on Tuesday.

Singh said his party would support the proposal in the state assembly
but was unsparing on the BSP chief. "Mayawati is not sincere. She had
made the demand before last elections but did not bring the proposal
during the four-and-a-half years of her majority in assembly," he
said, adding she has been making random demands like Jat reservation,
upper caste quota and division of UP to mislead voters.

"But people of UP have already made up their mind about her and she
will not become CM again," he said.

Caught off guard, BSP's rivals slammed the proposal as driven by
electoral concerns with Congress too chipping in. AICC spokesman
Abhishek Singhvi said political gimmickry could not be the answer to
real policymaking. "We all know why after four-and-a-half years of
inaugurating monuments, the CM remembered the proposal for division of
UP. May be she is rattled by the success of Rahul Gandhi's rally," he

Singhvi refused to spell out the stand Congress would take in the
assembly when the proposal is moved, merely saying "there is an
established process for policymaking and we will stick to that". There
was little hint of the party's stance in his statement that Congress
did not play politics on national issues.

The Congress spokesman added that "strange decisions and statements
near elections" neither had the sincerity or long-term vision nor the
objective of being implemented.

Congress is weighing its options, eager to balance its concern about
Mayawati gaining sympathy in the four regions of UP with its
compulsions over Telangana. While Congress cannot be seen as overtly
opposing the division of the state in view of its own leaders having
demanded statehood for Bundelkhand, it can also not be back the
proposal vocally lest it run afoul with its reticence on Telangana.

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