Monday, August 29, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Will Anna no more on Gandhi's way.....................................!


Dear Friends,
                    Mh. Gandhi's mad policies and decisions found to be severe headache
for Pt. Nehru's Congress Government and Indian leaders in that era. Due to mass
public force and unity, they followed the mad policies and decisions of Gandhi after
getting Independence to India on 15th August 1947. But the leaders came to the 
conclusion that, now there is need of Gandhi, so they finished Gandhi.
                  Today, new second Gandhi named Mr. Anna Hajare alias Anna Bapat,
Brahmin hero emerged. Still he will not get any national authentic title as like Mahatma,
Rashtra Neta, Shanti Doot etc. Now he is known to be Anna or New Gandhi only. Now
a days Nagpurian people demanding to Government to felicitate Anna Hajare by  the 
national honor of " Bharat Ratna." And there will be no controversy occur before any
political parties like Congress, BJP or any one to oppose it. Because most of the
Political leaders found to be corrupt one. They definitely support for this demand. 
                We (Public) are facing lot of problems, due to wrong policies and decisions  
of "Indian Black Englishman" Government. When we discussed with our old aged persons,
they say that, we were very happy in  "White Englishman" Government as compared to
"Indian Black Englishman" Government. Because that time, we always follow the discipline.
No more space for corruption. But  "Indian Black Englishman" Government could not
satisfied to us.
                  Actually the issue raised by Mr. Anna Hajare was very good. There is no doubt.
But Anna's Gandhian dictatorship pattern of agitation and demands not seem to be
Constitutional. It is a blackmailing procedure. No doubt, Anna is known to be a National
Hero after making 12 days hunger strike agitation and most of the Indian mass blindly with him
as like the Mh. Gandhi's movement. Mass Indian people are not aware about Constitutional
policies or Act. Because we are failure to teach it.
                  If Government will pass the  "Lokpal Bill" in Parliament, then there will be no use
of Anna Hajare alias Bapat for these selfish mentality so called Indian Leaders. Because Anna
always seem to be breakage before their way. Because most of them have getting the big
national publicity. This is a very big danger before Anna. The question  arise i.e. " Will Anna
no more as like the incidence of Gandhi".
* Dr. Milind Jiwane

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