Friday, April 16, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Some Leaders Visit Dalits For Media Popularity: BJP

Some Leaders Visit Dalits For Media Popularity: BJP
New Delhi | Apr 16, 2010

In an apparent attack on Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, the
Bharatiya Janata Party today said media popularity was the reason
politicians made a beeline for Dalit homes and charged the ruling
party with not having done much for deprived sections.

"Some leaders with political legacy are just visiting Dalit households
to gain media popularity," BJP president Nitin Gadkari said at a
ceremony here to unveil a statue of Dalit icon B R Ambedkar.

"Many political leaders, who are on top because of nepotism, visit
dalits' houses in media limelight to gain popularity. They believe in
votebank politics but BJP does not mock dalits," Gadkari said.

He said the BJP was not hypocritical and that during his recent visit
to Indore "I visted dalit homes and asked the party workers not to
publicise it. The media came to know only when my hosts circulated
photographs of me 3-4 days after my visit."

Gadkari also charged the Congress with not having done much for dalits
and minorities.

"I was going through Planning Commission report prepared after
findings of Tendulkar Committee and Sengupta Committee. After
Independence, the number of BPLs increased to 41 crore, with the major
chunk comprising of SC/STs and minorities. I ask the Congress party,
why there is such an increase when it ruled India for 55 years?"

The BJP President also referred to the party's planned rally against
price rise in the national capital on April 21.

"BJP will organise a national rally on April 21 to protest against
price rise and show apathy of the government towards the people. The
number of people attending this rally will be such as has never been
seen in Delhi."

Gadkari insisted sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities were a
result of "the wrong economic policies of Congress party and bad

Sources said BJP state units have been assigned the responsibility of
bringing in supporters in large numbers to the capital to make
Gadkari's first rally as party president a success.

The main opposition also plans to bring cut-motions in the ongoing
session of Parliament on increase in prices of petroleum products and
other products.

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