Friday, April 16, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Principal thrashes Dalit boy for not bringing milk for her

Principal thrashes Dalit boy for not bringing milk for her

Rajendra Sharma, TNN, Apr 16, 2010, 02.48am IST

ALWAR: A nine-year-old Dalit student had to face the wrath of his
school teacher, who broke his hand when he refused to bring milk for
the latter, in Dadar village in Sadar police station area of Alwar
district. The district collector has ordered an inquiry into the
matter and has assured the victim's family of action against the

According to reports, Pushpa Chaudhary, principal of Government
Primary School, on Tuesday asked Pawan Kumar, a Class II student, to
fetch milk for her. When Pawan refused to do so, she threatened him.
But when he still did not obey, she thrashed him badly and broke his

Pawan went home crying in pain and narrated the incident to his mother
Usha Devi. Police did not take the matter seriously and refused to
register a case when she went to Sadar police station to report the
matter. Usha Devi then approached district collector Kuntilal Meena
pleading justice.

Pawan was later admitted to a private hospital and was discharged
after treatment on Wednesday. Usha Devi is working as daily wage
labourer to bring up her four children after her husband died six
months ago.

According to her, it is not the first time her son was beaten by
Chaudhary. In the past too, he was beaten by the principal for petty
things. She also alleged that Chaudhary was posted in the school for
the past eight years and had been thrashing other students also.

District education officer (primary) Laxman Prasad said that an
inquiry was ordered after the victim's mother met Meena. He also said
that strict action would be taken against Chaudhary, if she is found

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