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[ZESTCaste] Re: Update on brave Gujarati girl (April 17 2010)


Dear donors and friends,
I am sure many must be looking for the updates on our aid to the brave Gujarati Girl. It was supposed to be finished by Mar 31, 2010, as I informed earlier.
But, due to some logistical issues, it is delayed and I am waiting for a new date from the organizers in Gujarat.
Right now, we got enrolled her in an English improvement course and she is doing great.
Thanks to Dr Raghu, Mr Kirit, and Mr Rao for helping her and trying to finish the task ASAP.
I will keep you posted when I have some info on it.
I am sorry for the delay.
With regards
An educated man without character and humility was more dangerous than a beast. If his education was detrimental to the welfare of poor, he was a curse to society.
-Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar
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From: Benjamin Kaila <>
To: Sent: Mon, March 8, 2010 8:32:39 PM
Subject: Update on brave Gujarati girl (Mar 08, 2010)

Dear donors and friends,
I am happy to inform that we were able to collect more than a lakh to help the brave Gujarati girl. You all know the story. She deserves our help for her intelligence, courage, and above all the will to survive and excel despite all odds against her.
First of all thanks to Prof Shiva Shankar who mooted this idea of helping her through donations when I brought her predicament to our forum's attention. Thanks to each one of the donors. We all at FFEI are immensely indebted to you for your generosity. Please check the list of donors and let me know if any discrepancies.
After hearing from the donors, we decided the following:
1.     Clear the remaining auto loan of Rs. 75,000
2.     Give the rest to her for her studies or in the form of fixed deposit  certificate. Yet to decide.
Following is the update on the girl:
1.     I am waiting for some more information on her
2.     Thanks to Brothers Sam Paul, and Gedion, and Ms Vinaya. We were able to get her a job as a teacher in an English medium school near her village. But, she refused it stating that she is not convenient with teaching in English medium school.
3.     I have already initiated transferring money to India. Currently the exchange rate is about Rs. 45.75.USD. I took 45 as conversion rate and the total came to about Rs.1,40,000.
Please write to me if any questions.
Donations to Gujarati girl    
Donor USD Rupees
Ms Raj Kaul, US                   96.80  
Ms Shilpa Raina, US                   96.80  
Ms Santosh Raina, US                   96.80  
Mr Sanjay Chauhan, US                   29.80  
Dr Satinath Chowdhary, US                   96.80  
Mr Mohammad Imran, US                   96.80  
Dr Uma N Iyer, US                   51.00  
Mr Gagan D Mall, US                 100.00  
Anonymous rape survivor                 300.00  
Mr Srikanth Voorakaranam, US                 750.00  
Ms Sugam Tiku, US                 100.00  
Ms Usha Shiralkar, US                 250.00  
Prof Alladi Uma, Hyd       5,000.00
Prof M Sridhar, Hyd       5,000.00
Prof Alladi Sitaram, Hyd       5,000.00
Dr Ranghavan Rangarajan, Gujarat       1,000.00
Dr Ranghavan Rangarajan, Gujarat       5,000.00
Prof Shiva Shankar, Chennai     10,000.00
Ambedkar International Mission Inc, US                 250.00  
Dr Venkata Pingali, US                   60.00  
Donations total             2,374.80  31,000.00
Exchange Rate Rs/USD (Appx.)                   45.00  
USD converted into rupees          106,866.00  
Add Rupee donations            31,000.00  
Total donations       137,866.00  
An educated man without character and humility was more dangerous than a beast. If his education was detrimental to the welfare of poor, he was a curse to society.
-Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar
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