Saturday, April 17, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Huge backlog in SC/ST recruitments in State

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Huge backlog in SC/ST recruitments in State

Girish Menon

1,160 vacancies to be filled as on January 31; largest number of
vacancies in Health Department

The figure may be even more after March 31

The backlog is despite special recruitment drives

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The State government is grappling with a huge
backlog in the appointment of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe
candidates to various vacancies in the government. The total number of
vacancies to be filled from among these communities is 1,160 as on
January 31 this year. The number is likely to be even bigger after the
introduction of uniform retirement age.

The government has been making appointments to the reserved posts
through special recruitment drives for the Scheduled Castes and the
Schedule Tribes. In addition, a special recruitment drive exclusively
for the Scheduled Tribes is also currently on. Every month, the
department concerned evaluates the progress reports submitted by 82
government departments and takes appropriate corrective action.

Progress report

According to official figures available with the General
Administration Department, the number of vacancies remaining to be
filled through special recruitment from among the Scheduled Castes and
the Scheduled Tribes was 548, including 110 gazetted posts, 253
non-gazetted posts, and 185 last grade posts. The total number of
vacancies to be filled through special recruitment from among the
Scheduled Tribes exclusively was 612, including 155 gazetted, 332
non-gazetted and 125 last grade posts.

According to the General Administration Department's progress report,
the departments of Agriculture, Fisheries, Homoeopathy, Higher
Secondary Education, Industrial Training, Public Instruction, Tourism
and Treasuries had failed to submit status reports on time about
Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe vacancies.

The largest number of vacancies for the Scheduled Castes and the
Scheduled Tribes was reported from the Health Department at 172
(mostly last grade posts), followed by the Higher Secondary Education
Department and the Agriculture Department at 91 and 65 respectively.
In the case of the HSE Department, 55 gazetted and 36 non-gazetted
posts were lying vacant. Among the vacancies reserved exclusively for
the Scheduled Tribes, the Health Department accounted for 111
vacancies, all of which came under the last grade category. This was
followed by the Department of Public Instruction, under which 101 of
the 103 vacancies came under the non-gazetted category.


The usual practice is to compile these vacancies and report them to
the Public Service Commission for special recruitment. Official
figures show that there has not been much progress in recruitment to
these vacancies for some time now. Official sources said the backlog
would grow unless the State government paid more attention to the

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