Friday, March 16, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Party worker denied entry into Dalit Prerna Sthal: BSP

15 Mar 2012 03:17:58 PM IST
Last Updated : 15 Mar 2012 03:17:58 PM IST
Party worker denied entry into Dalit Prerna Sthal: BSP

BSP workers were denied entry into the Dalit Prerna Sthal park here to
celebrate their late leader Kanshi Ram's birthday on Thursday, claimed
a senior BSP leader who also alleged that Dalits were ignored after
change in government in Uttar Pradesh.

Nealy 200 BSP workers come from Delhi to garland the Kanshi Ram statue
here as a mark of respect on his birth anniversary were not allowed to
enter into the park, alleged senior party leader Dr Salim who led the
party workers.

They were told that the Sthal was not opened to the public yet when,
Salim said, then Chief Minister Maywati had inaugurated the Sthal in
October last year.

"We do not want to create any tension or violence. We just wanted to
peacefully celebrate our founder's birth anniversary", he added.

As the government has changed the police and administration were
ignoring Dalits", Salim alleged. Police tried to move the BSP workers
who sat outside the Sthal but most of them moved away as they did not
want to clash with police, he added.

During the BSP government every year on Kanshi Ram's birth anniversary
several developmental and social welfare projects were announced by

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