Friday, March 16, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Anna's agitation was anti-dalit, says Coorilos

Anna's agitation was anti-dalit, says Coorilos
TNN | Mar 15, 2012, 10.59PM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The agitation led by Team Anna recently in the
name of democracy was in fact anti-dalit, said Bishop Geevarghese Mar
Coorilos, Niranom diocesan metropolitan of the Jacobite Syrian
Christian Church. "Meritocracy was one of the major issues raised
during the agitation and slogans against reservations originated from
protesters," he said during a lecture on 'media and mass agitations'
here on Thursday. The lecture was organized as part of the fourth
death anniversary of C Rajeshkumar, who was a journalist with a local
newspaper, by his friends.

"Anna hadn't even once asked his followers not to shout slogans like,
'stop reservation, end corruption'. You can also see there were not
many dalits and minority community members in his core team," Coorilos
said. "It is evident that Team Anna doesn't approve of Ambedkar. Their
disregard to the constitution drafted by Ambedkar stands testimony to
this fact," he said.

"The new concept of civil society evolved out of the failure of the
state, political parties, judiciary and free market to resolve the
issues of the people," said the Bishop. "Media has the power to break
and make news," he said. "It has played a major role in projecting
what is a people's movement and what is not. So much hype and hysteria
was created about Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement by the media
portraying it as the biggest people's movement," he said.

"But every time a real people's movement takes place, the media
shifted its focus from the central point". Mar Coorilos gave the
example when the media highlighted the traffic jam caused by a rally
at Delhi against the price hike and unemployment, than on the issues
raised in the rally.

"News channels never hear the voices of women, tribals, dalits and the
fisherfolk," Coorilos said. "However their dissenting movements to
subvert hegemony can bring about a radical change. The agitation in
Chengara, Muthanga, Singur and Narmada bears testimony to this." he

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