Thursday, February 9, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Mayawati's brother loots state; owns private airline

Mayawati's brother loots state; owns private airline
Thursday, February 9, 2012, 11:38 [IST]

Uttar Pradesh, Feb 9: Kirit Somaiya, BJP leader, has claimed that
Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati's brother owns a private
airlines that is being funded by the 'money looted from the state
exchequer' and said that he has enough documentary proof to back his

Somaiya has also asked for a high level probe into the matter of what
he said looks like a case of money laundering.

Somaiya, BJP's Scam Expose Committee convenor, presented documents
that showed Anand Kumar, Mayawati's brother as the owner of a private
airline - Indiana Air Pvt Ltd, registered in New Delhi.

"The aviation firm is a part of Anand Kumar group of companies, which
include a consortium of some 300 fake firms," he alleged.

"Obviously, this is a fit case of money laundering. After all, who
does all the money belong to? I am sure it is money looted from the
state exchequer of Uttar Pradesh," Somaiya alleged.

"I have enough documentary evidence to substantiate my charges," Somaiya added.

The Mayawati government has till now not reacted on the allegation
levelled against her brother and her.

According to Somaiya, her brother's airlines is 'directly linked to a
web of companies owned by Anand Kumar and his wife Vichitra Lata,
whose only child is known to be very close to Mayawati'.

Mayawati's brother's airlines is shown to be registered in 2010, while
other companies are shown to be registered in 2011 in Mumbai. Among
these were SDS Housing Pvt Ltd, SDS Farmlands Pvt Ltd, Frontage
Investments, DKP Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Agroba Savings Ltd and Ashish
Construction Pvt Ltd.

"The glaring linkage between each of these different companies and
Anand Kumar is established by the fact that most of the directors of
the companies were common and they included either Anand Kumar or his
wife," the BJP leader alleged.

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