Thursday, January 12, 2012

[ZESTCaste] I will keep visiting Dalit homes: Rahul

I will keep visiting Dalit homes: Rahul
Press Trust Of India
Azamgarh, January 11, 2012
First Published: 22:08 IST(11/1/2012)

Hitting out at opposition parties for calling his visit to Dalit homes
"madness", Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said
he would continue to indulge in such acts all his life. "Leaders of
opposition parties travel in helicopters and AC
vehicles, they feel ashamed in coming to your homes, share food and
drink water," he told rallies in the two districts in poll-bound Uttar

"When I visit your homes, eat and stay, Mulayam Singh Yadav and
Mayawati term it as madness. If visiting houses of the poor and
enquiring about their well being is madness, I will do this all my
life," Rahul said.

The BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh for five years, but "India Shining" was
nowhere visible in the state, he said adding "they coined this slogans
after watching television".

He said the Congress had been out of power in UP for 22 years and
during this period BSP, SP and BJP had cheated the people.

The state had progressed only when Congress was in power, the Congress
leader said.

The ruling party leaders in Uttar Pradesh should visit Congress-run
states and see the condition of farmers and the poor there, he said.

Rahul said the Centre had launched a number of schemes, including RTE
and RTI, which benefitted the people but this was not visible to Uttar
Pradesh chief minister Mayawati.

"The money sent for the people through these schemes was eaten up by
the elephant (BSP's poll symbol)," he said.

"But now Mayawati's elephant won't be able to eat money as
notification for the election has been issued," Rahul said.

He said "whether it takes five years or 10 years, I will not move from UP."

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