Thursday, January 12, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Dalit outfit leader brutally done to death near Dindigul

Tamil Nadu
DINDIGUL, January 11, 2012
Dalit outfit leader brutally done to death near Dindigul
K. Raju

C. Pasupathi Pandian, founder-leader of Devendra Kula Velalar
Kootamaippu, a Dalit outfit, was brutally murdered near his house at
MN Nagar in Nandhavanapatti, six km from Dindigul, on Tiruchi-Dindigul
highway on Tuesday night.

A gang attacked him with lethal weapons while he was relaxing on an
open ground near his house. He died on the spot. The police brought
the body to Dindigul Government Hospital for post mortem. He had stab
injuries on the chest, stomach region and hack wounds on the hip and
back. There were also deep cuts on the neck. After inspecting the
murder spot and examining the wounds on the body, the police said that
the gang must have repeatedly hacked him with sickles and stabbed him
with sharp weapons till he died. Police confirmed he was alone at the
time of attack.

His supporters, who were with him just a few minutes before the
attack, had gone to Dindigul on personal work. He had also reportedly
sent his lone close associate to buy cigarettes.

Taking advantage of the situation, the gang murdered him and escaped.
A bicycle was found near the house.

Pasupathi Pandian, native of Alangar Thattu village in Tuticorin
district, came to Dindigul in 1997 when he faced persistent threats to
his life. He was also reportedly involved in a murder case.

Several attempts on his life were made by rival gangs in Tuticorin
that forced him to shift his base to Dindigul along with family

In 2006, an attempt was made on him in Tuticorin. A gang hurled bombs
and attacked his car on Tuticorin highway. It was a narrow escape for
him. He had managed to escape in another car. But his wife, Jescintha
Pandian, was murdered by the gang on the spot.

He was living with son Santhosh and daughter Priya.

Normally, his supporters guarded the house round-the-clock and many
stayed in his house. On Tuesday, none of them were with him, said
local people.

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