Thursday, December 15, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Paswan, lawmakers demonstrate for SC/ST reservation

Last Updated : 15 Dec 2011 05:27:59 PM IST

Paswan, lawmakers demonstrate for SC/ST reservation

Demanding reservation for SC/ST, minority, backward classes and women
in Lokpal, higher judiciary and private sector, Lok Janshakti Party
chief Ram Vilas Paswan on Thursday staged a demonstration at the main
entrance of Parliament House here.

Paswan, a Rajya Sabha member, claimed all the political parties, in
their meeting to discuss the Lokpal issue last night, have agreed to
support his demand for reservation in the anti-graft body.

He was joined by a group of MPs representing the SC/ST, socially
backward classes and minority communities. "All the political
parties in their meeting last night agreed to our demand for
reservation in Lokpal.

There was no opposition from anyone. But our protest will continue
till the time a Bill is promised to ensure reservation in higher
judiciary and private sector," he said.

Yesterday, Paswan and a group of MPs from SC/ST and backward
communities had staged a demonstration next to the statue of B R
Ambedkar inside Parliament complex.

"We will continue our protest till the time government assures us of a
decision for reservation in judiciary and private sector. Government
must set up All India Judicial Services to reserve seats for socially
backward groups in higher judiciary," he said.

The SC/ST forum has decided to raise the issue of reservation in both
the Houses of Parliament on December 20, he said.

On December 8, Paswan had led a delegation that met Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh on the same issue.

The LJP chief, who is also a member of the Lokpal Standing Committee,
has recently started to boycott its meetings claiming that no
assurance was coming from any side on the issue of reservation.

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