Saturday, December 17, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Fw: Mh. Jyotiba Phooley should be honored by Bharat Ratna Award.


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Subject: Mh. Jyotiba Phooley should be honored by Bharat Ratna Award.

                                                                                                                                Civil Rights Protection Cell (CRPC)
H.Q. Jeewak Welfare Society Premises,
Naya Nakasha, Opposite Swastik School,
Nagpur  440017 (MS)
Dated 17th December 2011
1.      Hon. President of India, New Delhi.
2.      Hon. Prime Minister of India, New Delhi.
3.      Hon. Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
4.      Hon. Sonia Gandhi, Leader of Ruling Party, New Delhi.
Subject :
Mh. Jyotiba Phooley should be honored by Bharat Ratna Award.
Respected Sirs,
               I the chairman of Civil Rights Protection Cell beg to submit as under.:
               "Bharat Ratna Award" is the supreme award of India. The Government of India has been amended his policies, terms and conditions for awarding
this award. The Media focused that Mr Sachin Tendulkar and Major Dhyanchand may be its liable personalities. We have no objection to honor them. But
what is the gain to our Indian common mass of their world record. Mh Jyotiba Phooley , Rashtrapita (Father of Nation) and first social reformer of India
whose contribution is found to be very high level as compared to Mr Sachin and Mr Dhyanchand. Due to great efforts of Mh Phooley, the common mass,
which includes men and women found to be  literate and India seem to be developed country. Bodhisatva Dr Ambedkar, father of Indian Constitution and
greatest social reformer himself says that, he was his Guru( Teacher).  But the Government of India is still not honored them by "Bharat Ratna Award." This
is a very shameful thing for Indian Caste based policies. Where are the social based political leaders! Are they sleeping! 
                   Can we expect from the Indian Government to accept our request!
Yours Faithfully,
* Chairperson of  World Buddhists Conference 2006 at Nagpur (India)
* Organizer of  World Peace Rally 2007 (India)
* Organizer of  Dhamma Deeksha Ceremony 1992-93 at Nagpur (India)
* President of  Ashwaghosh Buddhists Foundation (India)
* President of  Jeewak Welfare Society Nagpur (India)
* President of  Civil Rights Protection Cell [ CRPC]
* Ex President of Amritvan Leprosy Rehabilitation Center Nagpur  
* Ex President of Vidhyarthi Sansad of Inda      
H.Q.: Jeewak Society Premises
         Naya Nakasha, Opposite Swastik School,
         Lashkaribagh, Nagpur 440017 (MS) India
Mob.: +91 09225226922, 09890586822
Phone : +91 712 2633106, 3295622, 6521931
Email :
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