Thursday, November 10, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Panel: Quota within quota will change OBC politics

Panel: Quota within quota will change OBC politics
Subodh Ghildiyal, TNN | Nov 11, 2011, 03.51AM IST

NEW DELHI: A government panel's recommendation of "quota within OBC
quota" to the Centre is in line with the views of National Commission
for Backward Classes, as reported by TOI on May 27.

The sub-categorization of OBCs will change the way quota politics has
been run since the advent of the Mandal Commission, which introduced
job reservation for OBCs in central bodies. However, the OBC monolith
has started disintegrating because of the resentment among MBCs over
the domination of "creamy" communities. The last few years have seen
them emerge from the shadow of Yadavs and Kurmis to be a factor in the
electoral success of Mayawati and Nitish Kumar.

While the sub-division is already in force in many states, successive
regimes at the Centre have avoided following suit for fear of backlash
from the dominant groups. It is to be seen if UPA will keep the
recommendation of the Planning Commission's subgroup on 'empowerment
of OBCs' as part of its policy objective for the new plan period.

NCBC chairman M N Rao had told TOI that treatment of OBCs as a
monolith had led to iniquitous distribution of quota benefits with
dominant groups monopolizing the fruits. MBCs have long complained
that with their lower level of education, they are unable to compete
with strong backward castes. They have argued that only weaker castes
be asked to compete against each other to ensure a level playing field
for quota benefits.

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