Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalits face boycott for refusal to beat drums

Karnataka | Updated Oct 12, 2011 at 03:02pm IST
Dalits face boycott for refusal to beat drums
indianexpress Express News Service , The New Indian Express

MYSORE: Dalit families in Kasuvanahalli village of Nagamangala taluk
who demanded money to beat drums during the Ganesha idol immersion
have been socially boycotted. Upper caste members had approached two
Dalits, Shivaraj and Seetharam, to play drums during the Ganesha idol
immersion procession.
When they demanded Rs150 per person as wages, they were summoned near
Mayamma temple by the village headmen and abused. When they further
refused to play the drums, village headman Mudde Gowda, Parigowda and
others abused their caste. They were forced to fetch water from a
borewell were cattle are fed.
The Dalit families were denied entry into the village. In fact, Dalit
women have been removed from the self-help groups and humiliated
As there was no electricity, the Dalit women had to collect water from
a tank only to be threatened by upper caste youths that they would be
paraded in nude.
Meanwhile, MLA Suresh Gowda, who hails from Kasuvanahalli, held a
meeting with the two groups and appealed to them to bury their
differences. Shivaraj and Mayanna lodged a complaint with Nagamanagala
town police station, charging that they fear for their lives and
property. Shivaraj told Express that they worked as labourers in
Nagamanagala town and were not employed by the upper castes.
He added that the panchayat has not given job cards to Dalit families.
Mandya SP Kawshalendra Kumar visited the village and deputed DSP
Channabathanna to look into the allegations.

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