Thursday, August 25, 2011

[ZESTCaste] "I am supporting Anna Hazare because I want reservations for SC, ST and OBC in colleges and government jobs to be scrapped"

What is Jan Lokpal?
By: The Guide Team              Date:  2011-08-25               Place: Delhi

While they are flocking to Ramlila grounds in large numbers, we tried
to find out if Delhi's students are actually aware of Anna Hazare's

I am supporting Anna Hazare because I want reservations for SC, ST and
OBC in colleges and government jobs to be scrapped. The general
category works equally hard but is discriminated against. We have been
talking about this for so many years, but nothing has been ruled in
our favour yet. Now at least someone is speaking for the masses, and I
don't care who that person is. Had it been the government, I would
have supported them too.
-- Rahul Vohra, 18-year-old, Delhi University

I'm not aware of all the points of Jan Lokpal Bill but think that it
is for our good only. It has been 64 years since Independence, however
this freedom is merely cosmetic and shows the world that the British
no longer rule us. The common man knows the actual reality. I don't
feel free either culturally or politically. I face corruption
everyday. Go to any government office and you will have to bribe
everyone from the peon to the manager. I agree that we are the ones
who promote corruption by bribing them. But we don't have an option.
Anna is showing us a way. We will do the same with corruption, what we
did with polio. This bill is the remedy and if taken seriously, will
eradicate corruption.
-- Manoj Vajpaye, 27-year-old, Sikkim Manipal University

What Anna Hazare is doing is unfair. He's saying it's either my bill
or no bill. This is not good for a democratic country like India.
Since 1950, the Prime Minister has been the supreme power and if he
also comes under the ambit of Jan Lokpal Bill then how can he be
called the supreme power? Can Anna assure us that this bill will work?
What if the committee members of the bill are corrupt? Who will keep a
check on them? There are many questions that need to be answered
before taking an adamant stand. People should read the bill first and
then decide who to support.
-- Ashish Dhawan, 19-year-old, IP University

Although I'm supporting Anna Hazare's cause, I am not supporting his
Jan Lokpal Bill. If tomorrow I am arrested and proven guilty in the
lower court then I can appeal to the higher court. But Jan Lokpal
doesn't allow that. It says once proven guilty, that's the final
verdict. This is unacceptable. No government can work like this.
Anna's version of the bill will give a lot of power to its committee
members. And there is also no guarantee that the bill will work.
-- Ankita Vashisht, 19-year-old, IP University

'Anna hamare sher hai!'
Here is what youngsters in the capital feel about the movement that
has caught the nation's attention

Anna inspired me to fight and  I see a bright future for my nation.
-Aditi Johari, Student

Anna hamare sher hai, corruption ab dher hai!
-Rohit Sharma, PR Consultant

We don't need a Lokpal Bill, all we need is a saaf dil to bring about
a change in the situation of our country!
-Siddhant Kumar, Bank employee

Jan Lokpal, a bill for commons not a common bill. Anshan is not just
for a bill but for democracy and the right to be informed.
-Tanvee Kapoor, Analyst

Compiled by Surbhi Allagh and Himani Kothari

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