Thursday, August 25, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dr Ambedkar supporters burn Anna Hazare effigy in Chennai


Dr Ambedkar supporters burn Anna Hazare effigy in Chennai

Chennai, August 24 (TruthDive): Anna Hazare effigy was burned by an ex
Congress MLA and supporters of Dr Ambedkar citing that the Gandhian
was subverting the Indian constitution created by their leader. Ex
Congress MLA and party functionary Ku Selvathanthai along with members
of the apex body Ambedkar Desam of all pro Ambedkar organizations
turned up near the statue of their leader near the Nehru stadium and
burned the effigy of Anna Hazare. They shouted slogans saying that the
constitution framed by their revered leader to protect the oppressed
classes was being subverted by upper class led agitation.

The supporters then garlanded Dr Ambedkar statue and marched away.
They pointed out not a single Dalit was in the panel for drafting the
Jana lok Pal bill. They termed it as an upper caste agitation. While
effigy of Manmohan Singh are burnt elsewhere the novel protest from
Dalits evoked curiosity. As reported earlier Christian- Muslim
organizations have kept away from the fast. Shiva Sena Chief Thackeray
asked Anna to hand over the baton to Kiran Bedi and other team members
to carry on the protest.

The Kollywood protest too had only Suriya and Arjun from the actors
while it was mostly directors and producers of yesteryears who took
part in the one day fast. Superstar Rajnikanth in an email supported
Anna for his non violent movement against graft. Three thousands
students in Chennai marched towards Rajaji Bhavan without disturbing
traffic in support of Anna.

The AIADMK ministry is playing a cat on the wall. Police booked the
organizers who held the first Anna support movement in Chennai for
violating rules like not getting permission etc. Now it is just a mere

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