Thursday, August 11, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Agitators okay Aarakshan after watching the movie

Agitators okay Aarakshan after watching the movie

Source: DNA | Last Updated 03:24(11/08/11)

Jaipur: The religious outfits in Rajasthan will not oppose the
controversial Prakash Jha movie Aarakshan set to be released on August

The outfits took the decision after two controversial dialogues, which
the organisations had objected to, were tuned with beep sound.

To sort out the issue of objectionable dialogues, Prakash Jha had
requested Rajpoot Karani Sena and Sarva Brahmin Sabha to watch the
movie first and then take a decision on the stand taken in the movie.
A special screening was organised by the distributor and Jha in Golcha
theatre on Wednesday. Thirty-one members of the organisations along
with media persons watched the movie.

The committee members gave green signal to the movie. They said that
two dialogues have been tuned with beep sound. "The audio of the
objectionable dialogues has been deleted from the movie. Thus, our
protest is withdrawn," said Pundit Suresh Mishra, president of the

The outfits had objected to two dialogues shown in the promos of the
movie. The first dialogue features remarks and comments passed on the
occupation of a general category caste while the second dialogue had
used demeaning language for lower castes. Both these dialogues will
not be shown in the movie on August 12 when the movie hits all
theatres across the city.

Also the members were satisfied with the movie's stand that not at all
affects the reservation demand raised by these religious outfits. "We
were suspicious that the movie talks about no-reservation policy for
the general category castes. But the movie has nothing as such. The
movie is not against our demand for reservation, for which we have
been fighting for almost 15 years," said Syam Pratap Singh, state
coordinator of the Sena.

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