Thursday, July 14, 2011

[ZESTCaste] A shaky Mayawati govt relents and orders CBI probe into murder of Dr Sachan

13 Jul, 2011, 07.40PM IST, Man Mohan Rai,ET Bureau
A shaky Mayawati govt relents and orders CBI probe into murder of Dr Sachan

LUCKNOW: A day before the High Court was slated to decide on a PIL
demanding CBI probe into the murder of Dr YS Sachan inside jail
premises, the Mayawati government which had till now denied that it
was a murder and also refused to hand over the case to central
investigative agencies, relented and quietly forwarded the case to the

With the heat turning on the beleaguered Mayawati government and
public outcry over the spate of murders of government medical
officers, Chief Minister Mayawati at a high level meeting on Wednesday
evening gave the go ahead for a CBI probe as demanded by the family of
the slain Dr YS Sachan.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Lucknow, Dr YS Sachan was
killed inside jail on June 22, where he was imprisoned for
embezzlement of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) funds.

He was also later accused by the police of hatching the conspiracy to
kill CMO Family Welfare, Dr BP Singh on April 2, this year. Before Dr
Singh his predecessor, CMO Family Welfare, Dr Vinod Kumar Arya was
also killed on October 27, 2010.

The killing of three doctors within eight months raised a huge public
outcry forcing two powerful Bahujan Samaj Party leaders, the Family
Welfare minister Babu Singh Kushwaha and Health minister Anant Kumar
Mishra to tender their resignations. While Kushwaha is a blue eyed boy
of Chief Minister Mayawati, the other Anant Kumar Mishra is close
relative of BSP's brahmin face and Mayawati confidante Satish Chandra

The state receives more than Rs 3,000 crore annualy from the central
government for the NRHM scheme which has led to massive corruption in
the state machinery.

The spate of murders led to the opposition alleging that the trail of
corruption in NRHM funds and the murders led to the chief Ministers

What was more brazen was that after Dr Sachan was arrested and then
found murdered inside the jail premises with nine grievous injuries
the government claimed that it was a suicide and not a murder. Dr
Sachan's son has said that his father was about the reveal the names
of those higher ups involved in the murder and that is why he was

Senior police officers and Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh
had said that it was a case of suicide.

On Tuesday, a judicial probe report submitted to the Lucknow bench of
the High Court had said that Dr Sachan was murdered. The bench
comprising Justice Pradeep Kant and Rituraj Awasthi which was hearing
the PIL demanding a CBI probe into the murder of Dr Sachan while
pulling up the government had decided to pronounce its decision on a
CBI probe on Thursday.

A shaky Mayawati government decided to recommend a CBI probe into the
incident on Wednesday evening itself, after dithering for weeks since
Dr Sachan was murdered.

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