Thursday, July 14, 2011

[ZESTCaste] FYJC cut-offs reach new high for SC/STs, OBCs

FYJC cut-offs reach new high for SC/STs, OBCs
Shreya Bhandary, TNN | Jul 14, 2011, 04.50am IST

MUMBAI: It's not just junior college aspirants applying for an FYJC
seat in the open category who are spending many a sleepless night
worrying about the high cut-offs.

This year, competition has been fierce even for students applying
under the reservation category. Cut-offs for students applying for
bifocals science and commerce streams under the Scheduled Caste (SC),
Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) hit new highs
this year. Education officials also noted that students from the
reserved category were applying to top-rung colleges where usually
cut-offs cross the 93% mark.

At Patkar College in Goregaon, for instance, cut-offs for the bifocal
Computer Science course for the SC and ST category closed at 94.72%.
Across colleges, the range of cut-offs has been between 85-95%.
According to educationists and principals, cut-offs have been rising
over the past few years. "Earlier, our cut-offs for the reservation
category used to be really low but over the years, the trend has
changed. More and more students with good scores get through good
colleges with or without the help of the reservation quota," said
Naresh Chandra, principal of Birla College. The Computer Science
course at Birla College for the SBC category closed at 94.90%.

This year, most students from reserved categories have opted for seats
in top-rung colleges, shunning the lesser-known institutions. "It is
strange that over 500 seats under the bifocal category have gone
unnoticed by students this year. Every year, students jump at the
sight of a bifocal seat, without paying attention to the college.
Students across all categories have become more choosy about the
choice of college," said an official from the office of the deputy
director of education at Charni Road.

Earlier, our cut-offs for the reservation category used to be low but
over the years, the trend has changed.

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