Friday, April 15, 2011

[ZESTCaste] some more out of the box thinking amebdkar;s month


- as i was asked by some group to sign tobin tax on financial markets speculation to be used for social good, why cannot government tax profits on financial markets for unorganised workers, large majroity of whom are dalits, adviasis

- why cannot all religious instiutions be taxed or do we ask for land to redistrbuted to dalits, adviasis and landless? is the quota for dalits in temples, churches, et al being implemented and women amognst them

- all those who have agriculture grounds invested for capital appreciation have to give it back to govt for redistribution to dalits at government prices

- all land already converted by corporates has to be given back to dalits

- fix floor prices for rain fed crops and supply of same through pds

- all nhrc, ncw, nac planning commission, sc/st commission etc have to comprise of 50% dalits and adviasis (50% of poor)

- no choice in schooling and health - same school and health for all

- bring slum dwellers into main towns and same school and health

- combine mnregs with land reforms , let wages become so high that big farmers leave govt. to buy that land give to dalits/adviasis

- credit for dalits and adviasis without collateral- individual

- all traditional panchayats to have affirmative propotion of dalits and adviasis

- and of course separate electorate

- no special queue for rich and poor in religious institutions, or separate burial ground or prayer places. all religious endowments committees to have affirmative proportion of dalits and women amogsnt the decision making, preists etc

- reservation for women in parliament has to go hand in hand with 50% for daltis and adivasis

- revisit prayers of all faiths from discrimination point of view

suppressed voices of dalits and adivasis i have been hearing from tndwf and other groups . ranjani kamala murthy.

these pathways will hit my family's belly too. but why not if 50% of india;s poor are dalits and adviasis. we cannot talk aboutr corporate accountability without citizen accountability

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