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[ZESTCaste] SC/ST Land Rights will be restored soon - promises DC Subodh Yadav

Mangalore: SC/ST Land Rights will be restored soon - promises DC Subodh Yadav

By Violet Pereira

Team Mangalorean

Mangalore April 17, 2011: Karnataka Dalit Sangarsh Samiti (R) DK
Distirct branch, observed Dr. B R Ambedkar birth anniversary with
distribution of books to less fortunate children on Sunday 17 April
2011 at Town Hall, Mangalore. The programme began with a prayer song
by a member of Dalit Sangarsh Samiti. DK District President Sangarsh
samiti DK District Vice President DSS delivered the keynote address.

Deputy Commissioner DK District Subodh Yadav inaugurated the programme
by paying tribute to Dr. Ambedkar. Addressing the gathering Subodh
Yadav said that according to the Constitution, from the past 60 years
whatever rights have been reserved for the SC/ST have not been
implemented. He questioned as to why there was a failure in doing
this. We have to find the root cause and find a solution for giving
the land rights to the SC/ST. The Constitution guarantees these
rights to them but the Government has failed to follow proper
procedures of implementation. The land rights for the SC/ST have been
ignored right from Central Government to State Government and State to
District level, he said.

Mr Yadav went on to say that the occasion of Baba Ambedkar's birth
anniversary was the right time to discuss the matter and start working
on it. From the Bristish time, under DC Manna Act there were 7600
acres of land reserved for SC/ST out of which 5800 acres have already
been given to the SC/ST. A total number of 1800 acres land is till
unallocated, but the records show only 80 acres, the remaining 1720
acres land has not been identified or accounted for. He assured the
gathering that he has personally taken the lead to find out the
remaining land which was acquired without government knowledge and
promised that it will be recovered soon and handed over to the SC/ST.

He also clarified that in this regard they have already collected all
the information on the DC Manna land earmarked for the Dalits and
measures would be taken to reclaim the encroached DC Manna land and
physically handed over to the SC/ST. Till now we have recovered 24
acres of land and handed it over to the SC/ST. We also have plans to
build an Ambedkar Bhavan at Urva Store. In Belthangadi Government has
reserved 200 acres land for SC/ST. We have taken this matter seriously
and we are working in this direction. We assure you that we will
provide housing and shelter to the SC/ST and in my tenure I will try
my best to give all the rights to the SC/ST, he concluded.

Dalit leader, Professor, Mangalore University Dr. Uday Barkur PhD
shared his experience on his maiden visit to Oxford University.
After 2 days an Egyptian boy entered my room and said that tomorrow
Tony is coming to our university. I was confused and was curious to
know which Tony he was referring to. Second day I cancelled all my
activities and was waiting for Tony and after sometime a black car
stopped in front of Oxford University gate. I was surprised to see
Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of England. Dr. Barkur went on to say
in England we have equal rights but in our own country we Dalits
don't have any rights. In our own country Gandhi fought against the
British to get independence, Ambedkar fought for Dalits right.
Government is working as an agency, we are talking about the
terrorism, atrocities and fighting in the name of religion. We are not
ashamed to fight after 63 years of independence. Kanyakumari to
Kashmir if we see, Dalits have been the target, they have been raped,
abused and burnt alive. Subodh Yadav has tried to build Ambedkar
Bhavan after 63 years of Independence. We don't have unity, we don't
have proper leaders to lead Dalits. Gandhi and Ambedkar thought that
Dalits should live respectable lives in their own country but it is
not happening. We are still fighting among ourselves, we cannot see
anyone's success.

Mayor, Mangalore City Corporation Praveen Kumar and Deputy
Commissioner Subodh Yadav were felicitated on the occasion. Books to
poor Dalit students were distributed by Praveen Kumar and DC Subodh
Yadav. State Union Secretary, Rohithaksh K, Corporator Appi, State
Committee Member, DSS, Sunder Master, DSS Udupi and District Chief
Secretary, Dalit Mahila Okkoota (Ambedkar) Anitha Belthangady, were
also present on the dais.

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