Saturday, April 23, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Khap orders newly-wed couple to live as siblings

Khap orders newly-wed couple to live as siblings
Deepender Deswal, TNN, Apr 22, 2011, 04.21am IST

PANIPAT: In yet another khap diktat that flies in the face of personal
freedoms, a newlywed couple was ordered to end their marriage and live
as brother and sister within four days of the wedding because of same
`gotra'. Krishan Chandania and his wife, Ramandeep, are now running
from village to village for safety.

Surprisingly, despite the Supreme Court's directions to rein in khap
panchayats for their bizarre edicts, police are yet to wake up. Unlike
the other diktats, which come from Jat khap panchayats, the latest has
come from a rural court of Dalits in Shera and Saanch villages of

Enquiries revealed that Krishan, a resident of Shera, had an affair
with Ramandeep, a girl of Tushamad gotra and resident of Saach. Their
wedding took place at Ramandeep's village on April 10, after their
families accepted their relationship.

On April 14, some residents of Shera objected to the marriage arguing
that since families of Tushamad gotra were also living there, a boy
from the village could not marry a girl of that gotra. Meanwhile, the
couple complained about this to the SP at the district headquarters,
who forwarded this to Matloda police station for further action.
However, Matloda SHO Jagbir More said the complaint was received but
protection was provided to the family.

"There is no khap panchayat involved in the matter and some
individuals might have objected. Police had talked to these villagers,
who denied giving any threat and assured safety of the couple," More
said, while justifying his decision against providing them protection.

But Krishan stuck to his version saying they were forced to shift to
another village due to khap threats. "We wanted to return to the
village, but we feel unsafe. The police have not provided us security
even after four days of approaching them."

Krishan's father Rajmal, who has also lodged complaint with police,
said, "When we didn't object and the girl's parents consented, why do
the villagers have a problem? Our lives have become hell since the

On Thursday, the police said that they have had a talk with the
villagers and they have agreed to allow the couple to stay in the
village. However, Krishna told TOI that they are contemplating to
approach the court for directions to police to provide them security
as they still feel threatened.

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