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[ZESTCaste] Minutes of Sathyambabu, Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee Meeting held on 6th October 2010, in Progressive Media Services


Minutes of Sathyambabu, Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee Meeting held on 6th October 2010, in Progressive Media Services

Dear Friends

I am writing this mail to share the minutes of meeting of   Sathyambabu, Ayesha meera Nyaya Porata Committee held on 6th October 2010, in Progressive Media Services, Hyderguda there 30 people preset representing 20 organization

List of Participants

B.Karthik Navayan, (Navayana- Society for Social Transformation)

  1. Duddu Prabhakar, Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi
  2. Pichuka Srinivas, APCLC (Defense Lawyer for Sathyambabu in District Court)
  3. V.Narayana Reddy, Organization for the Protection of Democratic Rights
  4. B.Ram Prasad, Mala Sankshema Sangam
  5. UDJ.Bheema Rao, Human Rights Forum
  6. K.Chandranna, Dalit Bahujana Vedika
  7. M.Venkata Swamy, Samatha Sainik Dal
  8. D.Suresh Kumar, APCLC, Editor – Swechha
  9. I.Suryanarayana, Dalit Bahujana Vyavasaya Karmika Sangam
  10. B.Murali Kishan, Mala Sankshema Sangam (Mala welfare society)
  11. I.Mysaiah, Andhra Pradesh Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangam
  12. Boge. Raja ram, Andhra Pradesh Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangam
  13. Ganumala Gnaneshwar, Republican Party of India
  14. Bathula Siddeshwar, Madiga Mahajana Sramika Vimukthi
  15. Issac.CH, Sakshi, Human Rights Watch
  16. Jayaraju, Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi
  17. A.Sriramulu, State Bank SC, ST.Welfare Association
  18. G.Shankar, AP, Scheduled Castes Welfare Association
  19. Kancharla Sheshu, Republican Party of India
  20. B.Suresh Kumar, Republican Party of India
  21. B.Deepak Kumar, Thelangana Mala Yuva Sena
  22. V.Krishna Murthy, Thelangana Mala Yuva Sena
  23. M.Laxmaiah, Thelangana Mala Yuva Sena
  24. Bhukya Saida, Advocate
  25. R.Ravi Kumar, National Dalit Forum
  26. M.Prem Kumar, Dalit Activist
  27. G.Vinod Kumar, Mala Sankshema Sangam
  28. E.Sudarshan, Advocate
  29. M.Chalapathi, Human Rights Law Network
  30. Buchanna, Journalist, HM TV


  1. Deshamalla Anjaneyulu, NAVAYANA- Society for Social Transformation)
  2. Habeebur Rahman, Muslim United From
  3. Sheshagiri Rao, Peoples Watch Andhra Pradesh, not present due to un avoidable reasons, but expressed their willingness to be part of activities planned in this meeting

General Observation of the participants

1)       The trial of the Ayesha Meera murder case speedup after a new Judge appointed to this court, and she started the trial of the case believing that Sathyambabu Is real culprit, though there are many cases pending from years together, this case was tried within a year ad delivered Judgment

2)      The police kept Sathyambabu under illegal custody for 17 days after his arrest to pressurize and get his confession

3)      After the new Assistant commissioner of police for west zone Vijayawada taken charge, the police released statement to media that they found the killer of Ayeshameera that is Sathyambabu

4)      The above observation reveals that the state had a role to finalizing this case by appointing Judge and Police Commissioner, as this is a sensational case and there is public and media attention towards this case

5)      The Present evidence on which Sathyambabu convicted was invalid according to many Supreme Court Judgments

6)      In the Judgment on Sathyambabu, it is mentioned that Sathyambabu divorced his wife within three months of his marriage, but the reality is that the wife of Sathyambabu was his own sister in law, and she was in love with another boy before marrying Sathyambabu, after come to know this fact Sathyambabu convinced his uncle and married his wife to her lover, this reveals the nature of Sathyambabu

7)      There was no honest and fair trial in this case

8)      While quash petitions ( as the police filed 9 false cases against Sathyambabu including Ayeshameera murder case) going on in the high court to quash the false cases on Sathyambabu, a confession video of Sathyambabu was telecasted in NTV ( a regional news channel) that video was handed over to channel by the real culprits of Ayeshameera murder case

9)      The high court quashed 5 cases against Sathyambabu saying that they are false

10)   Sathyambabu infected  GB Syndrome after six months of arrest

11)    The conviction of Sathyambabu in Ayeshameera murder case was Judgment by the state and police,  not only by the Judiciary

12)   It is the decision of the state to close this case by conviction of Sathyambabu

Important decisions

  1. The Judgment delivered in Ayeshameera murder case on Sathyambabu will be translated in to Telugu (regional language) and will be published as book let, to keep it available to the general public so that people will understand how illogical it is…
  2. A Public hearing will be organized in the Press Club between 21st and 26th of October 2010 and a retired judge of Supreme Court or High court will be the chief guest for this public hearing
  3. Speakers will be invited from all  Muslim, Women, Dalit and Human Rights organizations
  4. A Forensic expert will be invited to this Public hearing to explain how forensic department involves in criminal cases, what is their role in Ayeshameera Murder case
  5. Both mothers of victims, Sathyambabu mother Pidathala Mariyamma and Ayeshameera mother Shamshad Begum will be invited to this public hearing
  6. A Criminal Appeal will be filed in the High Court on the Judgment and for the releasing Sathyambabu on bail
  7. The committee will  meet again on 12th October to discuss the Finance that involves in all activities of the committee
  8. This Activities will be kept in live until Sathyambabu released and gets justice and also it will continue until the real culprits of  Ayeshameera murder case punished
  9. It is decided to invite Women organizations, Muslim Organizations and other like minded organizations and individuals in to the Committee
  10. After the Public hearing a peoples inquiry will be conducted in the case of Ayeshameera murder case

Note: Please sign petition to protect the human rights of an innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu from corrupted judiciary and police, who falsely implicated and punished for life sentence in Ayesha Meera murder case, to protect the real culprits Click the link here -


Karthik Navayan


B.Karthik Navayan, Advocate
H.No. 21-7-761,
Opp.High Court Post Office,
Gansi Bazar, Hyderabad,
PIN-500002, AP.

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