Monday, August 2, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Opposition slams govt for breakdown of law and order

Opposition slams govt for breakdown of law and order
TNN, Aug 1, 2010, 12.56am IST

LUCKNOW: Murder of BJP leader Hukum Singh's wife in Muzaffarnagar
within 20 days of attack on BSP minister Nand Gopal Gupta has provided
Opposition yet another opportunity for Maya-bashing. Alleging total
collapse of the law and order in in the state, Opposition leaders said
while public representatives and their families being attacked, the
common man is living under constant fear. Chief minister Mayawati
expressed grief over the incident but refrained from making a
political statement in response to the onslaught unleashed by the

BJP state president Surya Pratap Shahi said that Hukum Singh was no
ordinary leader. Besides being popular leader in his constituency, he
was also deputy leader of the BJP legislature party in the state
assembly, he said. "Murder of his wife shows that criminals have no
fear of law enforcement agencies," he said. Shahi slammed additional
director general of police law and order for issuing statement that
the murder could have been done by an insider. "How can he pass the
blame on an `insider' without conducting an inquiry," he added.

Senior BJP leader and Lucknow MP Lalji Tandon said "first a cabinet
minister is attacked, then 16 BSP MLAs apprehend threat to their life
and now murder of a senior BJP leader's wife -- all this indicates
that law and order has touched its lowest ebb in the state." Congress
legislature party chief Pramod Tiwari in his statement, while
expressing grief over the brutal murder of Singh's wife and offering
his condolences, said that the incidents happening in the state for
last few months shows how that the spirits of the criminals are high
in UP.

SP legislature party leader Shivpal Singh while addressing
media-persons said that the anarchy is prevailing in the state and
demanded resignation of the chief minister Mayawati. "BSP government
has appointed corrupt officers in key position in the state
administration whose main work is to extort money. BSP leaders have
provided shelter to the criminals," he said. As a result, he added,
crime graph in UP is on the rise ever since the Maya government came
to power. "The aam aadmi has been left at the mercy of the criminals,"
he alleged.

BSP leaders defended chief minister by describing Opposition criticism
as a misinformation campaign. While the BSP did not release any
official statement on the murder till late evening, a senior BSP
leaders said that police could prevent crime only at public places and
not those taking place within the family. He pointed out that the
police investigations had proved that SP leaders were behind the
attack on Nandi. In the murder of BJP leader's wife, circumstantial
evidences point out that it was an handiwork of an insider, he added.

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