Monday, August 2, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Fwd: Ambedkar on conversion


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Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 6:41 PM
Subject: Ambedkar on conversion

Bodhisattva Ambedkar said to his people:

"I should like to impress this thing on your minds very clearly that
religion is for man and not man for religion. If you want to gain self
respect, change your religion. If you want to organize yourself,
change your religion. If you want to create a society which ensures
co-operation and brotherhood, change your religion. If you want to
achieve power, change your religion. If you want equality, change your
religion. If you want independence, change your religion. If you want
to make the world in which you live happy, change your religion.

I would like to ask you all what is the sense in living in a society
which is devoid of humanity, which does not respect you, protect you,
humiliates you, and never misses and opportunity to hurt you. Any
person with an iota of self respect and decency will not like to
remain in this satanic religion. Only those who live to be slaves can
remain in this religion.

In view of the facts that the Hindu religion which forced your
forefathers to lead a life of degradation and heaped all sorts of
indignities on them, kept them poor and ignorant, why should you
remain within the fold of such a diabolical creed? If, like your
forefathers, you too, continue to accept a degraded and lowly
position, and humiliation, you will continue to be hated. Nobody will
respect you and nobody will help you. It is for these reasons that the
question of conversion has become important for us. To change this
degraded and disgraceful existence into golden life, conversion is
absolutely necessary".


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