Thursday, April 15, 2010

[ZESTCaste] 'Mahatma much influenced by Ambedkar'

'Mahatma much influenced by Ambedkar'

TNN, Apr 15, 2010, 05.51am IST

PATNA: Had Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar not emerged on the socio-
political scene of India, I would not have become the Speaker of Bihar
Vidhan Sabha or, for that matter, Meira Kumar would not have occupied
the prestigious chair of the Speaker of Lok Sabha, said Uday Narain

Addressing the Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations organized by Patna
University (PU) at geology department auditorium here on Wednesday,
Chaudhary said till 1980s the Indian society had not accepted Ambedkar
as a national hero. But, he is being widely acclaimed by all sections
of the society today. It was Ambedkar who championed the cause of
humanitarianism and tried to minimize the distance between two
individuals. He, however, regretted that educated Dalits occupying
important positions have started forgetting Ambedkar now a days.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion, Justice Jai Nandan Singh of
Patna High Court observed that Ambedkar would always occupy a
prominent place in the pages of Indian history because of his valuable
contributions to society. The Indian Constitution is greatly
influenced by his revolutionary ideas and thoughts, he added.

In his key-note address, eminent litterateur and MLC Prem Kumar Mani
said Ambedkar was not well understood in his time, but gained much
popularity in later years. Mahatma Gandhi was very much influenced by
Ambedkar in initiating programmes for eradication of social evils and
the uplift of the deprived sections. Both Gandhi and Ambedkar fought
political battles but they themselves remained apolitical. Ambedkar
wanted to link social problems with the freedom struggle, he added.

PU vice-chancellor Shyam Lal , in his presidential remarks, said the
ideas of Ambedkar were still very much relevant today and none can
ignore his contributions to the socio-economic development of Indian
society. Ambedkar worked for ensuring a classless, casteless and
divisionless society and fostering unity amidst diversity, the VC

PU pro-VC S I Ahson, registrar Manoj Kumar and philosophy teacher R S
Arya also addressed the gathering.

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