Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Revert all dalit officials appointed on higher posts : SHSS to CM



Revert all dalit officials appointed on higher posts : SHSS to CM

Sunday, 18 March 2012 20:51
Pioneer News Service | Lucknow

Reminding that it was time to deliver now, the Sarvjan Hitay
Sanrakshan Samiti (SHSS) on Sunday demanded chief minister to revert
all dalit officials which were appointed on higher posts in government
departments without following promotion procedure during Mayawati

Stressing that the promotions should based on seniority the SHSS has
urged filling of posts lying vacant in large numbers since several
years. If the new government acted accordingly it could trigger
agitation of dalit employees in the state.

To recall, following being pursued by the SHSS, an umbrella body of
backward and general category state government employees, Samajwadi
party had promised in its election manifesto to scrap the BSP
government's policy of quota in promotions. During previous
government, owing to this policy junior dalit officials were appointed
on higher posts which led to litigation and consequently promotions
were blocked in all major government departments.

In a letter to Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav the SHSS office bearers
said, the 16 lakh OBC and general category employees were angry as
they were deliberately denied promotions during five years of BSP rule
while much junior dalit employees were given postings on prime senior
positions. The arbitrary policy of BSP government had paralysed the
whole administrative set up by blocking promotions in major government

In PWD all three posts of chief engineer (level-1) and 17 posts of
chief engineer (level-2) were lying vacant. In UPPCL all 18 posts of
chief engineer (level-1) and out of 29 chief engineer (level-2) posts
28 were vacant since long. Similarly in Irrigation Department all 7
posts of chief engineer (level-1) and 12 posts of level-2 were vacant,
the SHSS office bearers said in the letter giving details of vacancies
in prominent government departments.

The SHSS general secretary, Shailendra Dubey said, the vacancies on
senior posts in major government departments have negatively effected
the development in state with administrative set up going defunct.

The appointment of junior dalit officials on senior posts have given
rise to corruption on large scale which should be stopped immediately.
Moreover these dalit officials had deliberately given bad entries in
ACRs of OBC and general category employees which needed to be
corrected under new government, he said.

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