Monday, March 12, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Mayawati sticks to sarvjan policy, may go to RS

Mayawati sticks to sarvjan policy, may go to RS
TNN Mar 11, 2012, 01.24AM IST

LUCKNOW: Mayawati will continue with her "sarvjan" policy, despite the
assembly election drubbing. She seems to have decided to fight the
Rajya Sabha polls and focus on national politics, at least till the
next LS election. This emerged on Wednesday at a meeting of party
leaders in which the former UP CM distributed responsibilities of
leading the party in the state equally among Muslim, brahmin, dalit
and backward class leaders.

The election for the Upper House of Parliament will take place later this month.

Mayawati's decision not to head the party's legislative council has
indicated that she would move to RS, sources said on Saturday. In
2003, after losing power to the SP in the state, Mayawati had moved to
national politics by getting herself nominated to the RS.

The BSP won 80 seats in the just-concluded assembly elections, hence
the party can send only two members to the Upper House. The name of
Mayawati's close aide and cabinet secretary in her government is also
doing the rounds for the RS nomination.

Mayawati decided to continue with her 'Sarvjan' policy and distributed
party responsibilities equally among Muslim, Brahmin, dalit and
backward class leaders at a BSP meeting here on Saturday.

BSP state president Swami Prasad Maurya, who won from Padrauna in
Kushinagar, was elected leader of the party's legislature group.
Maurya will also be the leader of opposition in the assembly as BSP
emerged as the second largest party.

Naseemuddin Siddiqui was made leader of the party's legislative
council. Gurucharan Dinkar, who won from Naraeni of Banda, was made
deputy leader of the BSP Legislature Group. Former energy minister in
the Mayawati government Ramveer Upadhaya will be party's chief whip in
the assembly, while another former minister Vedram Bhati will take the
responsibility of the whip.

No leader close to Satish Cnandra Mishra, the Brahmin face of BSP, was
given any crucial position in the state legislature. In 2007 Mishra
had brought Brahmins close to BSP leading to the party's victory and
all leaders close to him were awarded with plum positions in the
government. This time, Mishra's close aide and lawyer Gopal Narayan
Mishra was made deputy leader in the Legislative Council. Sunil Kumar
Chittod will be chief whip while Vinay Shakya the whip. Former
minister Indrajeet Saroj, who won from Manjhanpur in Kaushambi, was
made treasurer of the state legislative party.

Mayawati told party leaders not to be disappointed with the assembly
election results and continue to work for BSP. She asked her MLAs to
raise their voices at a proper forum and maintain law and order

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