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[ZESTCaste] Cop made us prostrate, alleges dalit

Tamil Nadu | Posted on Mar 16, 2012 at 08:02am IST
Cop made us prostrate, alleges dalit
indianexpressExpress News Service

TIRUCHY: A Dalit here has alleged that he and his family were forced
to prostrate before a caste Christian family by a police inspector
following a tiff.

The victim, A Karuppaiah (57), a resident of Crawford and a vessel
merchant, stated in his complaint lodged with the DCP here that his
family had a quarrel with his neighbour Arputhraj, a Christian.

Arputharaj, it is said, wanted to buy the house in which Karuppaiah
and his family were living for rent.

As the owner of the house refused to vacate the family and sell his
house, Arputharaj had been troubling the Dalit family. This resulted
in frequent quarrels between the two families.

A few days ago, a goat belonging to Karuppaiah was grazing near
Arputharaj's house. This sparked another quarrel and it is alleged
that Arputharaj and his wife Amali threw stones at Karuppaiah and his
wife and used filthy language against them, threatening them to vacate
the place.

Karuppaiah, in his complaint, stated: "Before I was planning to lodge
a complaint with the police in this regard, Arputharaj lodged a
complaint. Since then, Amali and her mother used to irritate our
family by throwing rubbish inside our house."

On March 12, the E Pudhur police had summoned Karuppaiah and his son Manikandan.

At the police station, they were reportedly made to wait till 10 pm.
After a while, Amali and her mother arrived at the station and it is
said, Inspector Rajendran asked Karuppaiah and his son to prostrate
before them. "The inspector caned us on the hand and let us off," he

When contacted, Inspector Rajendran said, "As it was a long-standing
issue between the two families, I intervened and tried to solve it by
asking both parties to give a letter of compromise to end the quarrel.
I never forced Karuppaiah to prostrate. It is all framed," he� said.

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