Saturday, February 11, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Sushma says Cong wantsto regain UP to bring FDI

Sushma says Cong wantsto regain UP to bring FDI
TNN | Feb 10, 2012, 09.42PM IST

VARANASI: Both chief minister Mayawati and leader of Opposition in Lok
Sabha and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sushma Swaraj have a
common opinion of the Congress. Both feel the Congress is trying to
regain power in UP only to introduce foreign direct investment in
retail sector.

When Mayawati was addressing an election meeting at Gaura Kala, Sushma
was also addressing an election meeting in support of BJP candidates a
few kilometers in Pindra on Friday afternoon. Like Mayawati, the BJP
leader also alleged that the Congress was trying to regain power in UP
because it was impossible to introduce foreign direct investment in
retail sector without support of UP voters. She said "without
strengthening position in UP, enjoying a majority in Lok Sabha is
impossible due to which the Congress is trying its best here."

However, Sushma also fired a salvo at Mayawati on the issue of huge
investment on parks and statues. She said that if Rs 600 crore had
been spent on generating employment, the purpose of improving
condition of dalits could be solved. She said the BSP had surely come
to power with a promise to end the goondaraj of Samajwadi Party but
except for patronising corrupt practices, this government did nothing
in the state. She made it clear that the BJP was not anti-Muslim but
nationalism should remain a priority.

Meanwhile, former BJP president Rajnath Singh, while addressing an
election meeting near UP College gate, said he was not ready to
consider that a big scam like National Rural Health Mission scam could
take place without the consent of the CM.

He said he had also been a CM and the possibility that scams of Rs
one-two crore could remain hidden from the eyes of the CM. But, he
alleged, "there is no account to prove that where Rs 5000 crore of
NRHM given to state from center have gone." He said Mayawati had come
to power in 2007 with a promise that it would send the SP leaders
behind the bars for their involvement in foodgrain scam and also
promoting goondaraj. But, she did not fulfill her promises.

"But, the BJP assures that if it returned to power in state," he said,
"proper investigation in NRHM and foodgrain scams will be conducted
and no guilty person will be spared." He also assured the students
that if the BJP voted to power the students unions would be restored.
He said the BJP would continue opposing the provision of quota on
community basis as it was unconstitutional. He alleged that Congress
president Sonia Gandhi was misleading Muslims on this issue.

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