Thursday, February 23, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Mayawati calls Ajit Singh opportunist

Mayawati calls Ajit Singh opportunist
TNN | Feb 24, 2012, 05.25AM IST

Mayawati has targeted Rashtriya Lok Dal president Chaudhury Ajit Singh
and said that he believed in the politics of opportunity.

LUCKNOW: Addressing an election rally here on Thursday, chief minister
Mayawati stated that Rashtriya Lok Dal president Chaudhury Ajit Singh
believed in the politics of opportunity. Using the same tool, she
said, he always stays close to power quarters. In this way, he
neglected the interest of the farmers whom Ajit Singh claims to
represent. It may be noted that it is for the first time that BSP
chief has launched a direct attack on the RLD leader. "He showed the
dream of Harit Pradesh but has failed to bring development in the
area," she said adding that the party is out to cheat the people once
again which stands proved in their alliance with the Congress Party.

The rally was held in Baghpat and Panchsheelnagar. Targetting the
congress Party she said, "Poverty, inflation and unemployment have
reached their maximum under the reign of Congress at the center. It is
also responsible for poor state of affairs in UP where they ruled for
40 years." Stating that Congress party's policy was chiefly
responsible for problems being faced by the common man she said it was
essential to keep them away from power. Citing the example of UPA's
policy for foreign direct investment, "the FDI would make survival of
small-scale industries, businessmen and entrepreneurs' difficult."

Mayawati said that BSP was the only party which made 'serious' efforts
to bring real development of Western UP. However, many projects failed
because of the centre held back a long due Rs 80,000 crore development
package for the state. Accusing the Congress of being corrupt,
Mayawati said the party was involved in scams worth Rs.20 lakh crore.
Enumerating another achievement, she said that UP government paid cane
purchase price which was two times of what the other states paid. She
added that introduction of a new land acquisition policy was also yet
another important decision taken by her government to ensure the well
being of the farmers. She also lauded herself for creating more
districts and proposing division of UP into smaller states to promote
faster growth.

The CM alleged that Samajwadi Party (SP) was a party of goons. "During
their rule, the poor were oppressed and women were afraid to come out
of their houses after dark," she said. Describing the BJP as a
communal party, Mayawati said her government deserved credit for
maintaining law and order in the wake of the high court verdict on the
Babri Masjid issue. She didn't even spare the Election Commission. She
alleged the poll panel was biased towards the Congress. This became
apparent from its order to cover the elephants - the symbol of the
BSP, she alleged. The symbols of all other parties were spared, she

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