Monday, February 6, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Local bodies warned against diverting SC/ST fund

Kochi | Posted on Feb 06, 2012 at 09:41am IST
Local bodies warned against diverting SC/ST fund
indianexpress Express News Service , The New Indian Express

KOCHI: Strict actions will be initiated against those local bodies
that divert the fund allotted for the welfare of the schedule caste
and schedule tribe communities, said� S Subbaiyya, Director of SC/ST
Development Department, the other day.

He was speaking at a meeting convened to assess the various SC/ST
welfare projects.

"The funds have been allotted in a bid to assist the� SC/ST
communities to be a part of the mainstream," he said and instructed
the authorities concerned to serve notice if there has been any
confirmation of the funds being diverted.

"The funds are strictly

allocated for the welfare purpose. Local bodies should use such funds
to train the community members on various vocations like catering
technology, nursing and also for their self employment," he said.

Subbaiyya said that there is ample scope for farming and other
small-scale industries. To utilise such sectors extensively, more
plots should be allotted, he said.

Subbaiyya has also asked the authorities concerned to submit projects
which can make SC/STs communities to opt service sectors.

�The projects should be submitted within February 25.

"Government has initiated project Vigyanwadi to make schedule caste
students tech-savvy. Provisions should be made at the earliest to open
such Vigyanwadis having library, computers and Internet facility in
all the panchayats," he pointed out.Subbaiyya also said that funds
should be provided to start agro-based service centres which will help
them buy agricultural equipment like tractors, tillers etc, and� also
to start micro-industrial units which will provide training to youth
belonging to the same category.

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