Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[ZESTCaste] 'Kushwaha will help us expose Maya'



'Kushwaha will help us expose Maya'
TNN Jan 10, 2012, 05.44AM IST

LUCKNOW: In the hot seat since he welcomed a sheepish Babusingh
Kushwaha three days ago, BJP vice-president Vinay Katiyar has known no

The din about the "sell-out aided by UP leaders" - even though the
party has suspended the membership of the tainted former BSP minister
- seems to be getting louder by the day. First, Kalyan Singh and now
AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi has publicly alleged that Maya's
pointsman paid his way into the BJP.

However, the veteran leader from Ayodhya knows how to catch and throw
back the brickbats coming his way. "I have faced worst during the
Janambhoomi andolan ... this is tame stuff comparatively," he tells
Manajari Mishra, before he patiently explains how the set-a-thief- to-
catch-a -thief bid will shake and stir election ...

Q. What prompted the BJP to adopt Kushwaha? A senior leader, you must
have known that taking in one of the most corrupt faces in Mayawati
cabinet would lead to major tremors within the party and also among
voters. What was the compulsion?

I am a disciplined soldier of the BJP. If given a task, I try to carry
it out with the best of my ability. So once the party decided to
induct Kushwaha, I carried out the orders. I can't be faulted on this.

Q. Were you not aware that muck would fly once Kushwaha gained entry
into BJP, a party with a difference, as it likes to be called. BJP
today has become a laughing stock.

Ans. I won't say that. Let some days pass ... just wait for a
fortnight and then see how dramatically the scenario changes. Kuswaha
is just a mean to reach Maya's jugular. The man is extremely useful.
Even Lord Ram with all his divine might could not have slain the demon
king Ravana had his estranged brother Vibhishana not tipped him about
the secret of Ravan's longevity. Kushwaha will provide us the most
vital clues to nail Maya which CBI, under instruction from Congress,
would love to sweep under the carpet. I would request BJP supporters
to show some patience.

Q. Do you have any reason to suspect the CBI, or your allegations
against the investigating agency are part of the usual poll-time

A. If CBI were actually impartial, it would have started with chief
minister Mayawati who by virtue of her office happened to be the
chairperson of NRHM; it would have gone after senior IAS officers who
signed files to help state-sponsored swindling. Why are the prime
suspects off the hook? Why are they targeting smaller fry and letting
off the big fish?

Q. Kushwha episode has provided your political rivals enough
ammunition against the party. Kalyan Singh and Rahul Gandhi have
slammed the BJP for the Kushwaha sell-out. Both leaders have publicly
alleged that Kushwaha paid his way into the party.

A. Kalyan Singh ji is my old colleague who enjoyed a high stature in
BJP once . Therefore, I would not like to comment on him. But, Rahul
must first look at his own men and women before pointing fingers. Let
him talk about the kickback taken by Sheila Dixit and Raja first.

Q. From supporting Mayawatii three times in UP to making her the prime
target, BJP has come a long way indeed. What has brought about such a
drastic change?

Ans. Primarily her corruption and incompetence. Over the past five
years, Mayawati has arm-twisted and milked her ministers to make a
pile. And though by dropping ministers and MLAs she is pretending to
purge her party, we know she is only replacing the used ones with a
fresh bunch with better paying capacity. I tell you, Mayawati needs to
be exposed. And this is where Kushwaha will come handy.

Q. But how about the demoralized cadre you face now? No one is happy.
Senior leaders like Maneka Gandhi, Yogi Adityanath etc have gone on
record with their dissent.

A. Many senior characters in Mahabharata had to go through trying
phase. It happens. But everyone will come around ... they already
have. As I said, BJP is a disciplined party. So there actually is no
problem. All this news about rift within the party is a sponsored
propaganda which deserves to be ignored.

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